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• Credit scores from all 3 bureaus
• Daily credit monitoring

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ScoreSense® Mobile App

Stay informed and protected! Easily access your latest credit scores and credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian - in one convenient place. Quickly check for credit alerts to help guard against identity theft or fraud. Make better-informed decisions and track your progress with simple credit tools, right at your fingertips.

Check your latest credit scores. See what lenders may see, anytime, without hurting your scores.
Protect your credit and identity. Get alerted when Daily Monitoring detects suspicious activity or changes on your credit report that may pose a threat.
Know what’s affecting your scores. See how your scores are calculated and which Score Factors have the biggest impact.
Analyze your credit reports. See any Account Discrepancies we find when comparing your reports across all 3 bureaus.
Dispute credit report errors. File a dispute with all 3 bureaus using the Dispute Center step-by-step guide.
Simulate score changes. See how certain credit actions you take could change your scores with ScoreCast™.
Track your credit scores. Update your scores every month to plot your progress on ScoreTracker™.
Boost your credit IQ. Get tips on everything from credit basics to identity theft in the Learning Center.
Compare your scores. See how your scores rank against others in the U.S., your State or Age Group.


Q: Will checking my own credit affect my scores?
A: No! Checking your credit scores through the ScoreSense app or ScoreSense.com does not hurt your scores.

Q: Is credit monitoring that important?
A: Yes! Early detection is critical to minimize the damage of identity theft or fraud. We monitor your credit report, daily, and alert you to changes that may pose a threat.

Q: How often should I check my credit scores and reports?
A: Monthly. You should regularly review your credit scores and credit reports to be sure your information is accurate, uncover signs of identity theft and address errors that could lower your scores.

NOTE: A ScoreSense account is required to access the ScoreSense app. If you are not a ScoreSense member, sign up for a free, 7-day trial and get access to your credit scores, credit reports and credit monitoring.
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