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Samurai Task cut
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Samurai Task cut 2.0.0 apk, update on 2018-04-16
The app can make your smart phone operate smoother easily.
The Samurai will help you delete redundant apps and clear up the memory~!
The operation is easier by listing all apps.

■Select undesired apps in the list and delete them altogether. (The system will keep necessary memory automatically.)
■The user can set to turn on and off the automatic notification function via the “settings” in menu.
■ “Normal” and “Entertainment” modes are for your select. If you prefer games and photos, the entertainment mode will be suitable for you.

Much as we'd like to it's almost impossible to build an app that supports all android phones. But with your help, we'll try. Please help us make this app better by sending bug reports to "[email protected]". We might ask you additional question for your help. Don't forget to include your phone model and your Android OS. Thank you so much!

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