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Turns your smartphone into a full-fledged GPS tracker for online monitoring

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579 ratings

Real Time GPS Tracker description

With this GPS tracker for LiveGPSTracks.com service you can:
- Share your location with your family;
- In difficult situations, use the SOS panic button or status check function;
- Use as an application for your company;
- Record, save and analyze routes in GPX and KML formats;
- Flexibly configure operating modes to save battery.

Use our LiveGPSTracks.com web service or the Mobile Dispatcher app to see the location of family and friends who have explicitly allowed it.

When recording is enabled, the application will send location data to our monitoring service using an Internet connection.

You will always see a permanent notification with the application icon and information about the status of the work.

Real Time GPS Tracker allows you to share location only with the conscious consent of the user and cannot be used as a spy or secret tracking solution! You are not allowed to use this GPS tracker for illegal activities. If the tracker is running, it will always show an icon in the status bar.

Real Time GPS Tracker solves almost all the tasks necessary in everyday life and business related to determining the location of objects, easily, quickly, flexibly and economically.

All application features are described in detailed instructions on our forum: https://livegpstracks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=895

To easily view the movement of trackers from Android devices, install our "Mobile Dispatcher" application (link to the application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.rtt.viewer).

If you find an error in the application: enable logging (in the application settings, item "Enable log").
Try the error again. Describe in words in detail what the mistake is, what you did step by step and send the log to the support service by Email: [email protected].

In order for the GPS tracker to work correctly in the background, determine the location and perform all its declared functions, it needs some permissions.
You can find out what these permissions are for by reading our privacy policy: https://livegpstracks.com/docs/en/privacy-policy.html
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