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Queen's Garden 1.23 apk, update on 2017-03-15
In a barren kingdom set atop a hill
There lived a king and queen, who likely live there still
The king was a caring man who loved to please his queen
His plan was to grow a garden bigger than there had ever been
You will cultivate a sea of bloom; fill the air with the breath of roses
From barren land to blossom—a sweet bouquet to royal noses
A perennial job for a seasoned grower—a garden for royalty
Apply within to serve the queen and be ever rewarded for your loyalty!

- 100 Challenging match-3 levels
- 60 garden decorations to choose from
- Several hidden object scenes and memory games as bonus
- Play relaxed, timed and move restricted mode!


Queen's Garden APK reviews

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Tina Allen review Tina Allen
The ads r bothersome. But I love the game
Tamica Smith review Tamica Smith
It's a good game very nice graphics, but I played up to level 25 my garden was all beautiful, I woke up this morning and everything was deleted that sucks for aa game like this,not worth all the time you put in plz do not down load
Feyth Healer review Feyth Healer
Great calming game that gives you something to look forward to as you build the garden. I really love playing thank you for such a great game.
Cool Game!
It's fun to play. I like the option of playing more games by watching videos. I wish the decorations weren't so costly, lol! Good fun!
Cheryl Lewis review Cheryl Lewis
Queen's garden
Bronwen Clarke review Bronwen Clarke
Got to level 57 cant see complete as bridge blocking bubbles and instructions on bottom of the screen
Time thief
Once you start you can't stop. Nice that it's not timed!
Gloria Dunnavant review Gloria Dunnavant
Having problems and can't fix the page with the bubbles won't come up completely the foreground is covering part of the page have tried to use skip button but won't work can't go further with game
Cynthia Plankar review Cynthia Plankar
So far I am enjoying the game
Won't load
After paying to unlock the game it stopped working. If I could I would have given 0 stars. Waste of money. A few dollars won't break me, but it's the point of getting what you paid for.
Shawna Stutzman review Shawna Stutzman
Great game
Love the match 3 games. And restoring the garden is fun.
Grace Dostou review Grace Dostou
Queens Garden. I don't know what happened to a great game. Nothing but adverts! Paying for level ups and g e tting nothing but grief. What a shame!
Sheila Brown review Sheila Brown
WHAT A TREAT!! (edit, NOT)
No adverts, free, no timers - perfect relaxation, love it, thank you ? xx. UPDATE - came back to play and not such a treat - ? adverts after every grid and watch video after every 5 grids in order to proceed - NO THANKS - DISAPPOINTED AND UNINSTALLED - FEELING DUPED ???
debbie shaw review debbie shaw
had to do a update and now it won't load not happy and not happy at giving a 1 star because it did deserve 5 ? and I wasted £5.00 on mobile data to update ??? and now can't play fuming not made of money !!!!!
Mike Shullaw review Mike Shullaw
Good game but needs exit button
Good game if you buy the ad free version. Otherwise it is torture watching long advertisements. Needs a way to exit the game game. .