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Q4 Bathrooms description

The Q4 Bathrooms App is the brand new way of quickly and securely placing your orders with Q4 Bathrooms.

Once registered, you can browse our product listings or search for products by product code, by description or by scanning a barcode with your device’s camera. Quickly and easily browse our stocklist availability, place orders and receive special promotions and discounts, all from your smartphone or tablet.

How can the Q4 Bathrooms App benefit you?
- Completely free to install and use.
- Fast order entry saving time and money
- Promotions and discounts are highlighted

How does Q4 Bathrooms App work?
Register and process orders in 5 Easy Steps using the Q4 Bathrooms App:

- Open the App on your smartphone
- Browse our product range or search by product code, name or barcode image
- Check our stocklist pricing
- Place your order, then click and submit (partial orders can also be saved in the cloud to finish at a later date, on any compatible device)
- Your order will be quickly processed and goods dispatched in line with our usual delivery terms.

Click Install - to start downloading the free App from the App Store and start saving time and money when ordering from Q4 Bathrooms.
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