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PUZZLE STAR BT21 2.4.1 apk, update on 2020-12-12
◆ Exciting #puzzle game with drawing and popping
More than 4 million friends around the world are
enjoying this game!
#DaBestGame #DaBest For Those In The Know.
Play Now!

◆ All you have to do is just draw blocks at your
Simple and fun!
Start the game and draw blocks
Once you start, POW, you can't stop it!
Innovative yet easy to learn if you are familiar with
Tetris and Match 3 genre, it's so fun, you will
simply love it!
Add to your #wishlist !

◆ Various missions and maps - No time to get bored!
Discover over 40 exciting episodes and explore
more than 700 stages!
New episodes are available every 2 weeks!
Stay tuned!

◆ Simply and exciting missions are waiting for you!
[Crack the Crackers], [Ghost Hunt],
[Candy Collection], [Gem Collection],
[Churros Collection], [UFO Launch],
[Jelly Hunt], [Drink Milk], [Bomb Detonation],
[Lollipop Collection]
Just need a few minutes break to play!
Enjoy your free time with BT21!

◆ Collect attractive and lovely characters and
upgrade the skills!
Over 200 cute, adorable Costume characters ( #RJ
#KOYA ) are waiting for you!
Your characters will be greatly helpful to clear the
stages with their powerful skills.

◆ Get characters through events, missions, and the
Gacha System, and complete character sets.
You can get a prize every day!
Various events—Auto Match Battle mode, Group
Match Collection mode, etc.—are held every week
for everyone!
Don't Miss your chance to get free gifts through
push message!

** #FRIENDS CREATORS' first project, #BT21 is a refreshingly new character lineup created through #LINE FRIENDS' collaboration with #BTS .
** BT21 is free to play, and in-app purchase is available to assist your gameplay!
** Allow "BT21" to access your photos /media /save /files: To install, save, update the games.

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List PUZZLE STAR BT21 APK files with old version

+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 2.4.1 (Updated: 2020-12-12 00:00:00, size: 44,625,448)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 2.3.0 (Updated: 2020-10-24 00:00:00, size: 44,408,487)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 2.2.0 (Updated: 2020-09-11 00:00:00, size: 44,236,455)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 2.1.1 (Updated: 2020-07-20 00:00:00, size: 43,908,633)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 2.0.01 (Updated: 2020-06-17 00:00:00, size: 43,720,217)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 2.0.0 (Updated: 2020-06-02 00:00:00, size: 43,716,121)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.91 (Updated: 2020-03-25 00:00:00, size: 43,703,833)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.9 (Updated: 2020-02-27 00:00:00, size: 43,585,049)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.81 (Updated: 2020-02-13 00:00:00, size: 43,437,593)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.8 (Updated: 2020-01-29 00:00:00, size: 60,678,233)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.7 (Updated: 2019-12-10 00:00:00, size: 60,420,185)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.6 (Updated: 2019-12-01 00:00:00, size: 60,391,513)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.5 (Updated: 2019-11-16 04:50:26, size: 60,190,809)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.9.0 (Updated: 2019-10-25 16:57:55, size: 60,178,521)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.8.8 (Updated: 2019-09-19 00:03:03, size: 60,117,081)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.8.6 (Updated: 2019-08-08 18:40:06, size: 60,109,997)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.8.5 (Updated: 2019-08-07 14:54:50, size: 60,089,517)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.8.0 (Updated: 2019-07-10 02:30:02, size: 59,806,893)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.7.0 (Updated: 2019-05-31 10:21:27, size: 24,455,513)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.6.0 (Updated: 2019-04-11 20:39:53, size: 24,242,513)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.4.0 (Updated: 2018-11-29 05:21:18, size: 26,592,727)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.3.0 (Updated: 2018-10-19 03:15:23, size: 25,179,067)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.2.4 (Updated: 2018-09-22 06:06:07, size: 25,105,339)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.2.3 (Updated: 2018-09-15 04:06:06, size: 25,088,955)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.2.2 (Updated: 2018-09-13 13:47:10, size: 65,232,030)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.2.1 (Updated: 2018-08-28 16:24:57, size: 64,760,990)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.2.0 (Updated: 2018-07-27 04:58:37, size: 65,256,606)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.1.3 (Updated: 2018-06-15 15:40:50, size: 61,348,857)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.1.2 (Updated: 2018-05-25 14:34:51, size: 61,348,857)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.1.1 (Updated: 2018-05-24 00:06:29, size: 60,914,681)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.1.0 (Updated: 2018-05-23 07:05:56, size: 61,365,480)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.0.7 (Updated: 2018-05-07 19:01:10, size: 59,030,449)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.0.6 (Updated: 2018-04-26 09:35:30, size: 59,038,641)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.0.5 (Updated: 2018-04-20 23:40:31, size: 59,034,545)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.0.4 (Updated: 2018-04-15 03:50:25, size: 59,108,373)
+ PUZZLE STAR BT21 version 1.0.3 (Updated: 2018-04-03 19:05:31, size: 58,382,976)


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Megan Pringle review Megan Pringle
The graphics are really gorgeous and the characters are absolutely adorable. Well done to BTS and the developers! This game is so addictive and so fun! Only thing is I used my Google account to create a profile, then linked it to Facebook. I'm assuming that all of my information migrated to Facebook because when I removed the game from Facebook (assuming it was still saved on Google) I lost all my progress ? The game is great enough that I'm willing to restart it but I lost my Cooky and Chimmy upgrades ? my heart is sore ?
Alex Bonin review Alex Bonin
I think the game is great. It's a lot of fun and easy to understand. The art is awesome! Only thing I don't like is that it keeps telling me I'm not logged in or that it can't connect and it's closing. It also crashes a lot in general... I switched to the low res version and am still having this problem. It just sucks when you have an item on a timer (30 min unlimited lives) and more than half that time is spent trying to open the app and actually play...
Aela Shin review Aela Shin
I really like the game! It's addictive and fun to play. However, the game won't allow me to invite my friend. My friend also has this game and we tired, but everyone we enter our name it just kick us out. Please fix this..
nanda fitria review nanda fitria
When i wanted to play one of the stage , it says "failed to load data. BT21 is now closing. Please try again" and take of my heart away? (actually my wifi is okey). Please fix this.
BTS Is life review BTS Is life
I am seriously so addicted to this game. Not only because of the cute characters, but also because you can interact with friends. I totally recommend this game to everyone!?
Jennifer Jennifer review Jennifer Jennifer
The glitch is so disturbing. Everything I wanted to play one of the stages it says "BT21 is closing. Try again" but my heart keeps decreasing pointlessly. Please fix this
tae tea review tae tea
i love it so much... but it just take 4 of my heart away :'.. it says my connection is error and it was still loading to the game so im not really play it yet and then the app is closing.. it happen 4 times so yeah 4 heart is gone..its so dissapointing becos actually my wifi is okay lol... its totally ruined my mood. i play this becos i want to make my mood better but it make worse :)
im not okay review im not okay
I love the game! Although, it becomes very annoying when Im about to load a level and it says "connection error". Because of that, I lose hearts for no reason ? Please fix that
Kumari Love review Kumari Love
I love this game so much. The only problem is that it will kick me out of the game when I'm about to load a level and take my hearts. It's pretty frustrating as it happens quite often. When it works, though, it's great!
Josephine McInerney review Josephine McInerney
I want to love this game but since day 1 I keep getting told to log in again. I don't even make it past the first cutscene. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, tried guest/Facebook/Google and still, nothing. It's a shame because I love the graphics and from what I've seen it looks like a really fun, cute game
A Google user review A Google user
This game is legit soooooo cute! Also very addictive! I love the way the specials are planned out and the varied levels. The characters you can get are amazing too! It does get challenging pretty fast, though.
Jasmine Shek review Jasmine Shek
It's a good game in general considering that the bt21 characters are in it and bts designed them. There are too many crashes and it keeps on saying "failed to load data".
Tiara Dwi Nanda review Tiara Dwi Nanda
I've been play it for long time, it was amazing!! I love this game! i'm in stage 67 now but i can't play it anymore bc it said that my device doesn't supported the game. What happen?
Sherry Chen review Sherry Chen
It's so addicting, i can't stop playing! This is a really good game, including the visuals, the graphics and all the characters are very cute. BTS definitely did a good job creating the characters :)
Infires Nani review Infires Nani
This game is soooooo cuteeeeee????????? I think I'm dying from cuteness. Not only that but it has some good quality, It doesn't lag at all, no interruptions. It's a very unique & extremely adorable game. ?