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About this product

A better way for Brazilians to learn English.

Prosa description

* Learn the most important vocabulary used in everyday conversations. *
1200 essential phrases taught in a specific order so you can grow your vocabulary without feeling overwhelmed. Nail these phrases using our voice recognition software.

* An English learning app tailor-made for Brazilians. *
The creator of the content on the app, Simon Gurney, is an Australian. He learned Portuguese using the methods that are utilised in this course.

* 110 short explainer videos demystifying the most common mistakes in English. *
These videos explain the points that you won’t find anywhere else. Taught in such a fashion that Brazilians can easily relate to and understand.

* A system that doesn’t let you forget words you have learned! *
Our spaced repetition system will help you stay up to date with your practice. After all, nailing words requires practising words more than once.


Terms of Use: https://www.prosa.app/terms
Privacy Policy: https://www.prosa.app/privacy
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