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Puzzles and Portals

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Portalize description

The time has come. The best mobile logical game ever has arrived to Google Play. If you like portals and puzzles, than you have already made the right choice. Just download game and challenge yourself. Support project and get even more benefits.


- Portalize is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com
- Outstanding mobile 3D graphics
- Entertaining gameplay
- 15 absolutely different locations will squeeze your brain
- Customize controls (MoGa support)
- Customize graphics

Upcoming updates

- Improved portal performance (1 month)
- 5 new levels for LevelPack 01 (1 month)
- GameCenter support [cross-platform] (2 month)
- Compatibility with select USB gamepads (in a 2 months)
- New large level pack, made by a professional map makers [40-50 levels] (in a 6-7 months)

***For all who bought this game earlier***
Great news. I made a temporary 50% discount on "Level pack 01" item (from 2$ to 1$), so you could buy it cheaper, and reduce your expenses. In October, price would be switched back to a 2$.

This is new improved, crossplatform (Android, iOS, later Amazon, Windows Phone, e.t.c.) and fully redesigned version and replacement for old "Portalizer" project.
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