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334 ratings

Portal Man description

Are you ready to become a real Portal Man?

Imagine being a sniper. Solving puzzling challenges, showing off your deadly accuracy, and taking aim at your enemies. Come experience the shooter gameplay through this hyper-casual puzzle game.

When the sniper receives an arcane weapon, the adventure starts. Help him save the world and become a real portal master!
Equip your portal gun, exploit the laws of physics with teleportation, and create a chain reaction of drops, collisions, and explosions. It’ll take every shot to defeat enemies and become a master! They will never know how you got’em!

▲ Aim & Tap to release your portal shots.
Simplicity at your fingertips. Drag the screen to aim, then release to shoot portals and teleport objects to destroy all enemies!

▲ The blue portal pulls objects in, while the yellow portal spits objects out.
The first bullet can form a blue portal and suck in any object placed there. A second bullet can form a yellow portal and spit out anything sucked in by the blue one.

▲ You only have 2 shots. Think and use them wisely.
Remember, portals can only attach to walls. You must hit the wall to open the portal.

【Game Features】
▲ Refine your weapon and create your own portal strategies through 320 levels.
▲ Finish the mission and unlock 20 themed chapters.
▲ Unique skins and special effects will be rewarded.
▲ Use your bullets wisely and create infinite loops just for fun.
▲ Tons of obstacles to enhance your gameplay experience.
▲ Timing is particularly important to complete the mission.
▲ Level-up to be a portal master.

Whether you're a puzzler or a shooter, Portal Man is a challenge ready for you. Never miss a dull moment with this easy-to-play puzzle game. Start your mission now and never stop shooting!

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Join the puzzle community and share your thoughts and strategies. Show off your rewards and how you became a master by tagging us or use #PortalMan in the caption.

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