Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations APK

Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations
Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations screenshot 1Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations screenshot 2Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations screenshot 3Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations screenshot 4Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations screenshot 5Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations screenshot 6
Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations 4.4 apk, update on 2017-12-13
If you are looking for an app to Customize and Enhance your phone's Navigation Bar without having to Root or install Xposed, you are in the right place. Pixel Navigation Bar offers several unique features to add some life to your boring old navigation bar.

Please read the entire description before leaving a negative review. Also, if you are facing an issue, please mail us first so that we can can help you out and improve the app.

Note for new LG device users : Set the app scaling for Pixel NavBar to 'Fullscreen 18:9' in the settings. The default is set to 16:9 which is why it will not work.

What does this app do?
Pixel Navigation Bar started as an app that helped you make your boring old navigation bar look like Google Pixel Phone's navigation bar. Now, you can add custom navigation bar animations, change colors, add rounded corners and configure the navigation bar to make it your own. We are constantly working to add new features and improve app performance, do stay tuned for weekly updates.

Features :
• Enable Pixel Navigation Bar, change size, position and color.
• Separate settings for individual navigation buttons.
• Enable Pixel Navigation Bar Animation.
• Separate settings for landscape mode.
• Option to swap back and recents icons.
• Add rounded corners to navigation bar.
Pro Features :
• Remove all ads.
• Enable custom navigation bar animations.
• Full access for navigation bar rounded corners.
• Auto start on boot option.

How does this app work?
Pixel Navigation Bar adds a layer under your existing navigation bar where all the customizations are applied. Due to restrictions in the Android system, it is not possible to add a layer above the existing navigation bar.

Will this app work on my phone?
If your phone already has a Software Navigation Bar (like this : http://axndx.com/pixelnavigationbar/navbar_example.jpg ), then all the features will work as they should.

If your phone has a customized navigation bar like in Samsung Galaxy S8 or Sony Xperia phones, the app will still work but the Pixel Navigation Bar icons will not match the button shapes. You can still use the other features like animations which will work just fine.

If your phone does not have a Software Navigation Bar like in Xiaomi Mi phones, this app will not work. We will be adding a feature which will add an independent Navigation Bar for these devices soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to know when this feature arrives!

This app does not work in some apps like Google Chrome!
Yes, since this app does not have root access or special privileges, we cannot overcome these issues. Nevertheless, we are constantly woking to make this app better, stay tuned for weekly updates!

Have any issues or suggestions?
Chat with us on Facebook, like the page for offer codes and updates : https://www.facebook.com/axndxofficial/
Send us an e-mail : [email protected]

Help us with translations here: https://www.localize.im/v/Cs

Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations APK reviews

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Jack Kanutin review Jack Kanutin
Useful app to mask navigation bar icons. Of course as this is a screen overlay you can tell that it is a workaround if you look closely. Overall amazing app. A bit annoying that in the free version you have to reopen the app and flip a switch after you restart your phone.
vinayak shenoy review vinayak shenoy
The app is good but the effect on the home button could have been a bit better. Its like you press it and you cant even notice it, if the speed is slowed down and the size of effect is increased a bit then this will be the best app in the market, but at last it is better than what others offer.
Primo De Leon review Primo De Leon
Great app to customize and make our phones out own way. One issue in notifications of I try to hide the notification it turns off the app and the notification is persistant and can't be removed.
Aniketh Ganesh review Aniketh Ganesh
Great job Dev. Would be nice if there was an option to disable that 'spin' animation for the back button whenever I open the keyboard. (I basically want speed infinity for that spin animation)
Loitongbam Kishan review Loitongbam Kishan
Kind of sad that the animation is gone when opening certain apps! I hate that I paid 100 rupees for an app which doesn't function properly.
Anthony Parker review Anthony Parker
Randomly stops working since last update. Please fix. This was perfect
Shivam Sharma review Shivam Sharma
Awesome app to convert our boring nav bar to pixel navbar, it has just one problem if i open any google apps then pixel navbar disappears then after exiting that app navbar comes again... Plz solve this issue then I'll rate it 5 stars
Christian Ornelas review Christian Ornelas
This is a great app!! Only thing I would recommend is that you fix a bug with the keyboard. Everytime your keyboard pops up the back button goes out of place. Basically it flips over.Either way I love this app.
Jacob K. review Jacob K.
nice customisation, but it's very glitchy - in some apps shows up without system buttons, in others it doesn't show up at all (transparent navbar: YouTube, Snapchat), also there's no split screen support
Soo good app and really very happy that it works without root.. Can u plzzz add option color the buttons only not the whole nav bar...
Big Thick review Big Thick
I got the app and have used it a bit, I also appreciate they allow you to rotate when the keyboard is shown as of recent, but still notice a few problems I'd like to point out. When it does rotate with the keyboard, it's orientation is slightly askew compared to it's original non-rotated state. Same problem when you rotate the screen the icons become a little bit off center. A quick fix for both of these issues is to add independent orientation for the rotated back button and the full set of buttons when they are rotated. This way anyone can make the buttons look nice in any orientation. Hope you guys listen and it may change my thoughts on the app if I at least see some effort from you guys. Thanks for reading.
Cezar Constantinescu review Cezar Constantinescu
Very good app, sometime it shows up without system buttons and it' a bit annoying. Still 5 stars tho.
Gaurang Khatavkar review Gaurang Khatavkar
It doesn't work on my SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND 2
Best non root solution
Khushil Shah review Khushil Shah
Perfect after d update ??