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All-in-one Phone Location Tracker App - locate by phone number, protect family.

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Phone Tracker: Phone Locator description

Phone Tracker, as an accurate and reliable GPS location tracker, helps you find and track your family fast to keep them safe. With mutual consent and exclusive code/number sharing, you can geolocate family & friends at home, on the road, and on the go, easily and fast. Download Phone Tracker to have family's location at your fingertips!

What You Can Get:
📍 Real-time Location Tracking - Track your family's real-time location to keep them safe even in the background, especially your kids and older people.
Accurate & Fast Location Updates - Pinpoint your family's exact location accurately. Keep you informed with fast real-time location updates.
🗒 Unlimited Members & History - You can add as many family members to your network as possible and see their complete location history without any payment.
🔋 Detailed Battery Information - You will see detailed battery charge level & status and notice any abnormalities to avoid losing touch with older people & kids.

More Fantastic Features:
✓ Stay linked even in the background, 24/7 protect your family's safety
✓ "Visible" function to hide your location in case you want some private space
✓ Support multiple languages for worldwide users

Different from other apps, you will not be charged when using Phone Tracker. As a way to make everyone enjoy the app at NO COST, we have to add ads in our app.

Disclaimer: Location services can drain your battery since they are supposed to be on all the time. We try our best to make your battery last longer and apply algorithms to minimize battery usage.

How to Use:
1. Install our app on your phone and your family's phone
2. Get your unique & exclusive code/number, copy and send it to your family

😊 Done! After they accept your request, start safe location sharing in a private network!

Please rest assured that your GPS location sharing is possible only when you both allow it. Your privacy and data security are always our top concerns. Our app only requests few permissions, mainly the location permission, protecting your privacy online.
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