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Onet Fruit 1.2.3109 apk, update on 2017-12-21
Onet Fruit is a very addictive and fun onet match game. Easy to play for all ages, challenging to master.
How to play ONET FRUIT?
●4 Game Modes
1. Leisure Mode: No time limit. Match and link with your own pace!
2. Time Mode: Complete the level within limited amount of time. Remember every second counts!
3. Challenge Mode: Less time props, more challenging!
4. Survival Mode: Test and see how quick you can link.

●2 Difficulty Mode: Normal, Hard
●Easy to play: Connect 2 same elements by using 3 or less than 3 lines to eliminate
What's new in ONET FRUIT?
●Various props to help with those challenging levels
●Save and Restore game
●Enjoy bonus level to win power-ups
●Leaderboard - Compete with friends and see who can get the highest score.

Onet Fruit APK reviews

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Loved it
This app is very good but hard it is a brain app u need your skills to try and guess what they are and u find out new stuff etc like u don't know how to do a pair it will have clues and a swap .but a very hard but not easy game and hard work and good for any ages .
Claudia Büsch review Claudia Büsch
Great but...
I really liked to play this game. But after couple days an adv poped up in middle of the game screen and it was not possible to close it. I had to delete the game... A shame...
Paricksha Sing review Paricksha Sing
Why can't I move to level 7 on leasure mode. It goes back to level 2. Please advise
Ellie Grove review Ellie Grove
I like this game but...
Whenever i save a game in leisure mode and exit the app the level resets to level 1. The score continues but doesnt resume at the level i was on. Does this matter? Also, does leisure mode ever end?
Afizatul izni review Afizatul izni
This game is great. It looks easy but it can be hard to connect the fruit sometimes. Give it a try
Monica Brito review Monica Brito
Once I get to level 7 on leasure, it puts me back to level 2 every time. Needs to be fixed. Or I will be uninstalling
Lareina Ciccone review Lareina Ciccone
Love this game It's so time consuming and gets you through those boring days that everyone has....
石头 review 石头
this is a good game, i like it very much!
Ximing Tang review Ximing Tang
Wonderful! I like the art style
Daniel wesli review Daniel wesli
Amazing ! This game is so cool , I like it so much !!!!!
delun feng review delun feng
Lovely game This game is very lovely
Ki mi review Ki mi
I am so in love
Fanie Simpao review Fanie Simpao
It always goes back to level 2 even if u save it before exit.. please fix..
adelia irnawan review adelia irnawan
there are a lot of glitch at the game. because i`ve been saved my game at level 7, and when i`m back to the game i`ve to start again from level 2. and it happens so many times. cpuld you guys please fix the bugs asap?thx.
farhana yatim review farhana yatim
It so bad because i had difficult to open the game several time.. It stuck and after i save the game will back to level 2 again.. Fix it