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About this product

Octopus is an emergency distress application and a terminal for security.

Octopus description

Octopus is an innovative application for emergency response, security management and integrated command and control on an enterprise level.
The Octopus application allows mobile users and company’s employees to send a distress signal in case of an emergency in order to receive assistance from first responders and security agencies.
Application offers a comprehensive security management terminal for security personnel, allowing them to receive incident dispatch details, to fill in on-line reports, open gates and doors, check vehicles, view locations on the GIS map and more.
The Octopus App enables the mobile users to communicate with the organization and with each other in an encrypted manner for emergency, safety & operational needs.
Octopus App is hosted on a secure cloud and utilizes encryption and secure communications protocol.
Application was developed by Octopus Systems, a software company specializing in the development of a high-end enterprise level PSIM system (Physical Security Information Management) for managing all aspects of Security, Safety and Operations from one place.
The Octopus app was designed with the combined experience and knowledge of specialists in the field of physical security, safety and information protection.
The Octopus app is used by customers such as: critical facilities, universities and education centers, law enforcement and security agencies, health care, airports and transportation, oil and gas, power and utilities, commercial facilities and multi-sited private companies.
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