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Live Video Chat- Video Chat in Live Video & do Live Chat. Write, Live Talk, Earn

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Write, Live Video Chat & Talk description

Let's unlock the potential of spoken words via storytelling whether you Write Story, Your Quote, Poetry, Shayari, Thought, Stories, Messages, Knowledge, or by recording videos with background music and live talk

On Nojoto, you can share:
💬 Quotes & Thoughts
📜 Poetry
📝 Stories
😔 Shayari & Ghazal
😂 Stand Up Comedy
🗣️ Spoken Word & Talk
🙏🏻 Wishes
😎 Knowledge & Opinion
🖐️ Workshop & Interview
🔴 LIVE Video Chat
🎙️ Podcast
🎬 Cinema & TV Gossips
🔮 Astrology
🥊 Health & Fitness
📲 Status and Stories

Nojoto Features:

Do Live chat with your friends and enjoy live talking via video chat. You can do live video streaming and earn money from your talent via virtual gifts too in your live streams be it live video or live audio. You can Make Friends Online via live chat on live shows. Connect with People via live chat both in live video and live audio or in video chatting.

Watch live shows & go live in video and audio format to Play Live quizzes, Live games, and do live talking with your friends & followers. Connect with writers, Poet,Storyteller, artists, Content Creator, and do video chat with them in live video

Nojoto is the App to record videos with music playing in the background and add effects too which makes your videos look and sound more interesting. So, you can record poetry, stories, Shayari, Thoughts, opinions & share videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Earn money online from home by referring the Nojoto app to your friends & family. Also, you can earn from your content by writing, talking, and performing in live video or live audio.

App to Write Your Quote on Photos, Pictures and share your writing on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

You can make your quotes Google searchable. For eg Ever searched for Narendra Modi quotes on Google? Ever wondered why only famous people's quotes are up on Google? Now, Nojoto turns your quotes up on Google search.

On Nojoto you can Record Video Audio with background music playing and Earn Money from your content via virtual gifts. Nojoto is a community of writers, readers and poets, artists & content creators.
So, write your quotes, poems, stories, micro tales, blogs, haikus, or any kind of writings and design them into visually stunning posts using Nojoto tools. Share your thoughts and emotions through creative writing.

Some Genres:

Write Poetry on photos of various types like love poetry, sad poetry on this poetry writing app. On Nojoto, you can write and record love poetry, motivational poetry, poetry about life, romantic poetry, and sad poetry.

Write Hindi Shayari, English Shayari on Photos. Also, add music to your shayari and share your photo Shayari or Shayari videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Have a story to tell? Tell the world. On Nojoto, you can write your story on photos. You can also share your stories in video & audio. So, record your story on Nojoto & reach millions of readers and viewers.

Your Quote
Nojoto is a Writing App to Write Your Quote on Pictures and add text to photos with effects.

📲 Nojoto is a completely new experience of sharing your thoughts. It is a all in 1 app for writers, poets and readers.

You can also create podcasts in audio and perform live podcast via live streaming. Podcasts can be about love, life, relationships, trending topics & news etc. You can also share your voice using the audio voice recorder with the world and add music to it and let them know what you have got to share. Podcasts make it easy for people to understand you clearly and share comments so that they can tell you what they feel about your podcast.

If you have used Indian Apps like Pratilipi, Koo, Share Chat, Pocket FM, try this Made in India App, Nojoto
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