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Ninja Arashi 1.4 apk, update on 2020-07-27
Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with mixed RPG elements. In this game, you play as arashi, a former legendary ninja who fights his way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped son from the hand of the devil Orochi. With superior acrobatic and deadly weapons, arashi is ready to face menacing traps and enemies who have sworn to protect Orochi.
Ninja Arashi features simple yet addicting gameplay, giving you thrilling moments and an unexpected experience. You can upgrade abilities using gold and diamond collected from enemies and the environment in order to keep tracks with the difficulty of the game. Manuever through traps, lay waste on enemies who try to stop you and rescue your son.

- 3 different maps with 45 levels to play
- Easy to control movement
- Discover the beauty of high quality graphics
- Upgrade your character's skills
- Purchase costumes
- Challenge yourself with tough battles
- Become a master ninja !

Ninja Arashi APK reviews

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Gaurav Singh review Gaurav Singh
Fantastic graphics and smooth play. Decent adaptation of ninja skills and superbly designed arenas..will look forward to more stages to come........Now few words on latest update-stage 3. Much of the parts of stage 3 are beyond a defiNition of challenge and could be annoying sometimes. Introduced a new character in villains team carrying a bug most of time. On a whole an addicitive and beautifully designed arena game..High five!
lalthawhpuia puia review lalthawhpuia puia
After finishing thrice ive come to rate it, i totally love it. I wish atleast 4 lives would b added in a Boss fight. Everything else is stunning. At last nit the least, plz make it another chapter soon. Am a big fan of Arashi, looking for it. Thanks the developers, God bless. Plz make Ninja 2 soon, im a great fan if urs
A Google user review A Google user
Very addictive and nice game, its one of my companions in leisure... I've been playing it for a very long time. I would have rated it 5 stars if there were more weapons to buy in the game and if I could place the control buttons according to my choice.. hope to see these updates in future.. Love this game so much....❤️❤️
This could be a very good game. Just needs the gameplay tweaked. Even though I've paid to remove ads, it still has watch ad to continue and seems to have random kills to make this option kick in. Skill curve needs toning downwards and game play doesn't seem to offer anything new after 10+ levels. Getting bored already.
Merlin Llewelyn review Merlin Llewelyn
Awesome game, one of the best you are going to download in your phone, imo. The people moaning about it being hard have issues. Level 3 is a rewarding challenge. Get your timing right or you will die!! I rarely review apps, but this one really deserves 5 stars.
Mohammed Abassy review Mohammed Abassy
this game is perfect. I have never rated or reviewed a game before but this one deserves it. there are no words to describe how great this game is. I am trying to support it now by every means possible because I know every little bit matters and I hope and as well know that ninja arashi (or arashi's son as I believe the player in the second game will be playing as arashi's matured son) 2 will be even better
vanshika singhal review vanshika singhal
Has anyone killed orochi.The fight with orochi is very tough at the last. I took one month to kill orochi.If you want to kill orochi just escape from green monster and slash orochi by upgrading your powers and use the wooden shield when green monster is killed because green monster can see you in shield.Orochi cannot see you in shield. Use stars to shoot orochi when his power is low and just keep jumping from one side to another.So all the best for the megafight.
Febri Trivitas review Febri Trivitas
Its a fun platforming game. Some parts are repetitive but surprisingly it doesnt diminish the challenges. The world design is quite beautiful. Simple gameplay. story is there. Really recommend this game for platformer gamers. Cant wait for arashi 2. Oh and One of the best part is, I finished the game without having to pay any dime. Zero pay walls
A Google user review A Google user
This game is well made. One of the most beautiful games I have ever seen. I dunno why some ppl say it's too hard. No it's not. It's easy once you know how. I wish we had invisible cloaks on some of the harder levels. Overall, runs rings around most apps of similar nature. Well deserved 5 stars! Thank you!
Callum Simmie review Callum Simmie
I love the game !! I love how you don't have to purchase anything to get stuff. And how there isn't a second currency that takes forever to get unless you buy it w real money. It's awesome the game is beautiful. I'd love to see a second one. Even the add's aren't to persistent and don't ruin the gameplay. And I love how it's easy to get get gold and diamonds. What I would like to see tho is maybe more customization? Be able to like upgrade or change the look of the sword or the look of arashi . And maybe add some attacks that you can unlock and choose between. All in all , very good game! Keep making games this platform/RPG style. My friends and I dig it. 10/10 ?
Tanay Math review Tanay Math
The game is one the excellent platform games, and everything is perfect. Gamers who look for completing levels must play this game.Only 1 request I want to make (1) Add Google Play Sign In to save the game in Google Account, because I've already lost my save game after it got uninstalled mistakenly... and (2) Is that please Add new Dojos and Character Personalization, otherwise it's a 5-⭐ Game ?
Punisher Lee review Punisher Lee
My personal favorite is level 12 in the 2nd venue. The traps are really OP. I loved and fell for all of them especially at the beginning of the level. Well, to me, it doesn't matter. I'm just eagerly awaiting the update. I have 100k gold that I have saved ??. Edit: Wow! The 3rd arena is pretty damn hard
Wade Scott review Wade Scott
Pretty cool game, runs smoothly. Great to play a few levels here and there, not overly addicting, just a great way to unwind. The left and right buttons are a little close together so the odd time I am running into the wrong direction. I recommend this game to anyone.
Eliezer Roque Cisneros review Eliezer Roque Cisneros
Absolutely terrible. No pay to win. No premium items. No locked content that requires micro transactions. No unreasonable enemy scaling that forces you to need premium items. Shame you can't just buy your way to end, you have to actually play the game. SMH. (That was all sarcasm. This is the best game I've played on mobile in 5 years. Awesome gameplay, sweet visuals, epic ending. I highly recommend)
Sir clash-a-lot review Sir clash-a-lot
Ninja Arashi. Where do I start with this game? This is one of the, if not the best, game I have ever played on mobile. First of, the graphics are mind-blowing. The background is so realistic and detailed that you actually feel like that world could exist(hypothetically speaking). Secondly, the storyline and gameplay was more or less perfect. The storyline had a nice mystery element and revealed nothing till the very end, which I like a lot and the gameplay was hitting that borderline between simple and easy to use and requiring immense skill and concentration and the enemies were difficult enough to where it needed skill but was definitely possible. And the end boss fight in particular, OMG I actually enjoyed it (first time for me)!. I just wish that there was some character customisation. Hope Ninja Arashi 2 comes out soon!