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Manage your health insurance digitally

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myHelsana description

With myHelsana you can deal with all your insurance matters digitally.

The myHelsana app is a quick, easy and accessible way to deal with all of your important health insurance matters, such as your questions, invoices and contact details.

Why it pays to use myHelsana:
• One less pile of paper at home: myHelsana is the digital folder for your health insurance. You can continue to receive documents by post if you prefer, though.
• Scan, send and view invoices.
• If you have any questions, simply communicate with us using the same channel in the myHelsana app.
• Easy admin: you can find your benefit statements and policies at any time and keep track of your deductible and excess amounts.
• Quickly done: Change your address, accident coverage or annual deductible yourself and manage your payment data instantly and easily.
• Prepared for emergencies: your insurance card is also available via the myHelsana app.
• Quick searches: find doctors, therapists or Helsana-recognised fitness centres near you.

You're in safe hands with myHelsana. Encrypted communication keeps your data secure at all times.

A myHelsana account

More about myHelsana:
Are you interested in myHelsana? Would you like to open an account? You can find more information at www.myhelsana.ch/about

Do you have any questions?
Our support team would be happy to help you: 058 340 93 70
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