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Music Quiz 2.0.7 apk, update on 2016-01-13
The world's most popular music quiz has finally arrived in your country with content selected especially for your country!

The concept is simple. It's just like 'name that tune': listen to the song extract and find the name of the song or artist! How many will you recognise?

A fun and addictive version of name that tune, where you'll find thousands of players who have already won:

- 'I played music quiz with friends and we had hours of fun!'
- 'Wow, finally an original game of name that tune with a quality song selection'

Less than 2% of players were able to finish the game!

Whether you're on the plane, at home or at work you can take part in the fun and test your music knowledge!
- By yourself or at a party with friends, there's just one rule: guess the song !
- Compare your level with players around the world!
- Based on Pop Music music in country, from The Arctic Monkeys to Rihanna, via Oasis and Eminem!
- No registration

Hundreds of pop songs!
Music added regularly, in real time. No need to wait for an update to keep playing!

Can you find all the songs? Some levels seem too easy? Do not worry, the next ones will be more difficult :)

Music Quiz APK reviews

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I love this game and enjoyed playing it...for the first level. You literally can't do anything in this game without paying for it! Also getting credits is really difficult! If you make more things free and make credits easier to get then I'd give 5 stars. Sorry ?
Glenn Karaka LAFAE review Glenn Karaka LAFAE
I like but dont love
Should be atleast 3 free catagories ecspecially since you need 300 points to unlock another catagory ontop of that 60 for a letter reveal. Really?. To get more coins answer as much as you can to accumelate coins then restart game (go back to level 1 theres an option) and just keep accumelating coins until you can unlock another catagory. When you restart the level you still keep coins made from older game. Time cosuming but if your willing then thats an idea.
Isabella Robinson review Isabella Robinson
It is OK but there is a problem.
It is a really nice app it has got a lot of nice songs. But once you finish the first stage you have to pay a lot of coins to unlock the next one. We should be able to play it once we have finished the level before it. Please fix it! Other than that it is OK.?
rakks brown review rakks brown
This app I really do love so far. But its hard to get coins and when you do you only get a small amount. And then they want you to spend money with them to get more. Its so expensive just reveal some words. Sooner or later amma get tired of it and delete it. Please fix it. It doesn't need to be that way.
Alexandra Burchill review Alexandra Burchill
I am no fan of pop, so why did I have to sit through 300 coin's worth to unlock another category? They should at least let us watch an unlimited number of ads to get free coins.
Elodie Coquette review Elodie Coquette
Worst game I've ever played. For real?! Wtf I cannot skip one song without paying money. Plus the credits are hard to get. I love music and quiz games but this is bs. Downloaded the app, played 20 minutes and uninstalled it. Really disappointed.
A Google user review A Google user
I love this game and enjoyed playing it...for the first level. You literally can't do anything in this game without paying for it! Also getting credits is really difficult! If you make more things free and make credits easier to get then I'd give 5 stars. Sorry ?
Prashant Gajabe review Prashant Gajabe
Loved this game and played many levels too. But now it doesn't even let me choose any music genre it's stuck on loading level screen. Please try to get that issue resolved and will give 5 Stars for this amazing game!
Rey Gun review Rey Gun
It's an okay app, I just don't like how I have to used 60 coins to get a hint, and use 300 coins to get a new category. besides that it's a good app. that's just my only problem. I only started the game and I have to pay 60 coins to get a hint, it would be nice if I could use the Facebook sign in to receive more coins. but overall it's a good app.
Laina Sandford review Laina Sandford
I completed the entire ONLY free pack and didn't even get enough coins to open another pack!!!! Update: I left this review and got enough coins to unlock a pack. I refuse to change my review any higher because a sixth of my coins came from this review and that is just ridiculous. Don't bother downloading this.
Billy review Billy
This game is very unique with the fact of actually guessing the song/artist, but eventually it gets boring since it's the exact same set every single time. It's no fun if you already know the answers.
Ciara Reddy review Ciara Reddy
Game itself is pretty decent, especially when played with a group, but app forces you to pay for every single thing if you want to play more than one level (which you can't even replay once you've completed it). Terrible app with a number of glitches to boot - uninstalling as I type!
Kai Yin review Kai Yin
So, it is kind of ok... Just the fact that i buyed another category and it not working makes me kinda dissapointed. Its so annoying! Samething with this advertising EVERY 1 minute. Then also that you have to buy things because you only get 250-260 at the FIRST category. Just please correct this mistakes.
Ruth Allen review Ruth Allen
It's difficult at times to know the song but you get there in the end. It's a really good fun game to play with all your friends. The commercials are annoying and come up all the time without warning
A Google user review A Google user
It's a very nice game but it should have a skip button incase u don't know the song instead of having to pay for a hint. That's just messed up Improve the game otherwise everything is fn including the graphics