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Multi Face Blender
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Multi Face Blender 1.3.2 apk, update on 2020-10-18
Try several face photos synthesize easily.

Intermediate stage of my face and celebrities, what does he look like?
If you synthesize with all favorite celebrity, what does he look like?
I want only certain parts to synthesize face. Is there a way to easily?

If you've done this idea, here is the app you've been looking for.

Combine multiple face to face as you want quickly and easily merges .
Are wondering how to do it?
Proceed as follows: And you are an expert in this synthesis .

1 . Please select the desired faces of a number .
2 . More alike who want to adjust. Easily adjustable.
3 . Please use the eraser. It's possible, except for certain areas synthesis.
4 . You want to change the skin color? Brightness, brightness, saturation and so easily could change .
5 . Finger roughly rubbed several times and then complete the miraculous picture!

Q: I can not recognize faces.
A: Most face recognition, but sometimes there is a photograph of the face can not detect. However, you can manually adjust the location of the subject's face .

Q: face, eyes, mouth, nose area was the synthesis of a well . But a bit annoying howl and background .
A: Please make good use of the eraser mode ! Size, transparency control by hand, please delete the unwanted part. After that, nice picture appears like a real photo!
If you make good use of the eraser mode, output photo result will be awesome.

Multi Face blender has the following features.
- Face Morph : morph to another face
- Blending face.
- Automatic Face Recognition
- You can easily specify a synthetic point
- Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness Adjustable
- Combine the specific area : Switch eye, nose, mouth

This app use the read / write permissions to external storage (SD card).
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Use to read the cache file of the photo or photos you want to edit.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Used to record the edited photos or cache files.

Multi Face Blender APK reviews

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John Ernan Gacus review John Ernan Gacus
Mixes Multi-Faces-In-One. Thanks!
This application blends not just two (double) but many photos to one excellently beautiful result. I can't stop mixing my photos with my friends and celebrities! To the creator: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CREATING THIS APP!
Ember Rhynne review Ember Rhynne
Holy WOW
I had to give my child up because of medical reasons it's been 19 years I just recently got a picture of him from a friend that said this is him I looked this app up and down loaded it and used it and it work really well very happy with it
Engie Santos review Engie Santos
Not good
The blending is amateur. You can still see both outlines of the faces... even after you blending and erase. This app has potential and needs updates.
Erica Ellis review Erica Ellis
Cant use the photos out my gallery
I hate this app U can't use your gallery pictures this doesn't make any sense
Becki X review Becki X
Gives double face
Can see two heads as they have different facial outlines
Camilla Nielsen review Camilla Nielsen
I like to mix I and a celebritys face as if its my baby, the only babies I'll ever have.
Anon User review Anon User
This is actually decent, I just made a Robbie Spade (Robert Schneider and David Spade) pic for the lulz. This "game"!? Is very good in the way of merging faces. As for "nothing that looks like a face" use the eraser! Ugh... if i can photoshop Rob Spade in 4 mins on the train, then this "App" not game!, Is worth trying...
Kelly Quinn review Kelly Quinn
I have not stopped mixing the faces of my friends with celebrities, dogs with celebrities dogs, my postman with other neighborhood postmen! It's like a crack cocaine high that doesn't break your wallet.
Paul W review Paul W
Don't waste your time.Ads are ridiculous to they don't stop.Trying to use this app is horrible shouldn't be even listed it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.P EOPKE WHO PUT 5 STARS.WORK FOR APP MAKER RATING IS FAKE
Mary E Watkins Watkins. review Mary E Watkins Watkins.
I love it but how do you transfer the photos that are emerged? I wanted to send the pictures in a message but couldn't...find a way nor a tab...
Alex Hernandez review Alex Hernandez
Cool to know what your kids may look like when they grow up!
Jennifer K review Jennifer K
Love it. You have to learn how to use all the features. Once you play with all of them, you can really blend things to look so awesome.
chelle snail review chelle snail
Limited to 10 pics!!!! Greedy! I wasted time watching ur vids to unlock 2 more for a few times and then no more!
Yitzavik Bagel review Yitzavik Bagel
Not intrusive apart from the occasional review request, the lack of which would make me drop an app like a desperate partner;
A Google user review A Google user
Good but when you blend the pic, the resultant pic is not clear. The charity is not good