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Movies by Flixster 9.0.0 apk, update on 2017-09-28
Download Flixster - the most downloaded movies app of all time. It’s loaded with trailers, Rotten Tomatoes® scores and movie tickets by Fandango. Make your next moviegoing experience even better with Flixster.

Movies and Theaters
• Browse the latest movies and top box office picks. Can’t decide? Sort movies by theater, ratings or reviews
• Search movies and showtimes easily with Google Voice Search
• Watch the hottest new trailers, get movie news and flip through exclusive movie photos
• Instantly get Rotten Tomatoes® scores and browse user reviews and ratings
• Save favorite theaters and locate theaters by name or distance
• Discover what’s new to DVD by genre, release date and Tomatometer® rating

Purchase Tickets
• Get the peace of mind of a guaranteed advance ticket with Fandango VIP. Join for free and if something comes up, you can return or exchange them up until posted showtime and score insider perks like free movie screenings, digital downloads, special discounts and more
• Bookmark upcoming movies to your account and when available, purchase guaranteed advance movie tickets through Fandango

Movies by Flixster APK reviews

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Mike Filas review Mike Filas
I can't get Netflix DVDs to work anymore. That's the main reason I use this app.
Jo warburton review Jo warburton
How do i download movies?
I've installed the app and all it's letting me watch, is trailers!
Shane Beavers review Shane Beavers
What happened?
This used to be my fave movie app, it sucks now. What happened?
Joseph Taveras review Joseph Taveras
Great App
I used every weekend before deciding what to watch for..
No Face review No Face
Steaming pile of Sh!t
You had a good app and decided to turn it into a pile of steaming sh!t?!? And now everyone is hating the new updates, but customer service is nowhere to be found because what? No one is praising this crap?!? We the consumers are telling you this is sh!t!!No one asked for your update! All was fine before!!! What are you guys doing to fix this?
Carol Mogle review Carol Mogle
Very inconsistent!
Sometimes this app shows our theater's Showtime's and sometimes it doesn't! Get it together Flixster!
T. DOT review T. DOT
Great app in-of-itself for movie reviews, trailers and showtimes, but now that it's integrated with Google voice activation and its own Now cards feature it's even more useful and convenient than ever before!
Chris Lear review Chris Lear
Lost Netflix queue
This "update" was obviously not tested very well. No longer have ability to add movies to Netflix DVD queue
Edward Brackin review Edward Brackin
Too many ads
I still use the app, but sine they were bought out the ads are many.
Tom Webb review Tom Webb
This movie review site is all inclusive of all movie theaters in your area as indicated by your location. I love the fact that I don't have to go to Regal or Cinemax or any other exclusive movie app to see what's playing in a particular area. I give this site a TEN.
Stephen Brooks review Stephen Brooks
I turn them off every time I open this app, and no matter what, the next time I open it the mPoints are turned back on. Moving Ultraviolet playback to a separate app, but still having a "Movies I Own" section which does nothing but show an ad for the new app, is also somewhat nonsensical.
A Google User review A Google User
Are you listening flixster??
Like so many others, I used to love this app and rated it 5 stars for years. Now it's mediocre at best. Flixster, you guys are ruining yourself.
Ralph Blair review Ralph Blair
Lolipop incompatible
I might as well try using Vudu... neither one works. Is there a system to watch MY movies on Lolipop? I own over 50!!!
Jeremy Long review Jeremy Long
Bad app.
Went from 5 star down to one star forcing me to use another app that will not bookmark my spot for later viewing. Most likely to save space delete both apps. And just use the Vudu app which now bookmarks,your spot.
Dave Toomey review Dave Toomey
Does not work anymore
I loved this until now. When I try to open it all I get is a screen asking (telling) me to try flixster movies. I already have this app installed and it is crap. Now I cant get to the movies I own! On either app.