Moto Fighter 3D APK

Moto Fighter 3D
39.06 MB
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Moto Fighter 3D 20170920 apk, update on 2017-09-20
Race on the fastest motorbikes and shoot the enemies on the highway!

* HD graphics
* insane steering controls
* engine fire effects
* realistic engine sounds
* fast motos

Moto Fighter 3D APK reviews

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It's ok
When or asks me day or night and I press one it just sits there and load and never goes through and I can't play it and I just downloaded it today so I'll give it a few more ties but then I'll have to delete it. But it looks really fun
Julian Pietersen review Julian Pietersen
Hate it with a helluva passion
It game is fake so download the game is a highway racing game faker then a motherf*cker had is for 1minute nd I uninstalled it
It's so boring and all you do is ride a bike and shoot cars
I can shoot some stupid bullets in the criminals ugly face
Tinky Dink review Tinky Dink
It is so stupid I could puke out cat's
Tre Willis review Tre Willis
It very good just need the steering changed to arrows make motorcycle and guns cheaper
A Google user review A Google user
Not to good need improvements and the other day I was playing it to the next level and I got pulled off
A Google user review A Google user
When i open the games the bike is not controled
Mahad Dahir review Mahad Dahir
Worst game ever
Nick Wright review Nick Wright
It's good
A Google user review A Google user
Love motor bikes one of the best games I played love it
Dale Brown review Dale Brown
Crappie to the moon and back
Nima Mhakzan review Nima Mhakzan
بازی عالی است
Mohd Raheem review Mohd Raheem
This very Nice game instrasting game all of u download
A Google user review A Google user
The best game it bring's back a lot of members

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