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Purchase app that allows operations with currencies from different countries.

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579 ratings

MoneyClick description

MoneyClick: it is the best online shopping system, it is an app easy to use.

To load balance on our platform, you only have to choose which payment method or bank account suits your needs, make your deposit, payment or transfer, notify your payment and that's it ... you already have a MoneyClick balance!

And, you can reliably manage:

- Sending and receiving payments through QR codes or SMS anywhere in the world, and also to bank payment methods.

- Request or require money, sharing your QR code to send money to your account in the country currency you need.

- Without intermediaries: Quick exchange between currencies of different countries, for example: VES - USD, USD - COP, among others.

- Affiliate own and third-party bank accounts to make payments, deposits or transfers in the currency of your choice.

Also, if you want to use MoneyClick as an additional payment system in your business, you can request through the App to convert your business into a MoneyClick Point and customize the parameters according to your requirements.

Our web platform is also available, visit us at www.moneyclick.com
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