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Improve Digital Health With Wellbeing Insights. For Free.

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48 ratings

Mindful.ly: Digital Wellbeing & Mindfulness description

✅ Can't stop checking Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or other apps?
✅ Worried about your mental health when using your phone?
✅ Unsure how content overload, excessive device usage affect your emotions?

Switch on mindful.ly to understand your emotions and focus while using your phone!

Digital wellbeing means more than just being productive or spending less time on your phone. Unlike other digital wellbeing or productivity apps, mindful.ly allows you to understand the quality of time spent to focus more on activities or apps that make you happy and less on unhealthy ones.

With mindful.ly you will:
🧘 raise awareness about your emotions
✅ detect apps that make you happy
⛔ detect apps that make you unhappy
🔍 understand your focus better
🙂 smile more

Mindful.ly is completely free, all app features are available without in-app purchase or subscription. Quite the opposite: you can earn digital vouchers to keep you motivated on the mindfulness track!

🏆 complete wellbeing Challenges to improve your emotional awareness
💰 win real-life Amazon gift cards
🎁 unlock special Mindfulness Reports
📊 track your smiles throughout the day
⚖ discover how other apps affect your mood by mapping your positive & negative emotions
🔔 receive wellbeing advices to become more healthy

Continuously rolling-out innovative new features related to emotional intelligence, attention detection. Stay with mindful.ly and receive regular updates upon the release of additional unique app functionalities. Upcoming versions will include:
⭐ More regular, more diverse, more inspiring wellbeing Challenges! YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram... for which app would you like to get your emotion insights?
⭐ Emotion detector daily timeline to give you a full picture about your phone usage on an hourly basis.
⭐ Rich, personalized wellbeing advices collected in your message inbox.

Mindful.ly runs in the background and uses your mobile phone camera to safely detect attention and emotion levels as you experience digital content from other apps.
- You will not be recorded
- No one will see you
- Your identity remains unknown
- You can pause the app anytime

Mindful.ly has one of the most stringent privacy policies on the Internet. It only measures a mathematical representation of your expressions (zeros and ones) when you provide consent. No images, videos are recorded, no 'facial recognition' activity is carried out.

The solution origins from Realeyes Emotional Intelligence, whose mission is to make technology more human. We support development of mindful.ly by sharing anonymous, aggregate attention trends with popular app partners so they can make better products for users.

Mindful.ly requires multiple device permissions to enable app features.
- Front-facing camera permission is required to conduct facial measurement. Without the permission, the app cannot be used because no wellbeing insights can be generated.
- App data usage permission is required to link emotion data to device, app usage times. Without the permission, the app cannot be used because no app-level insights can be generated.
- Accessibility permission can be optionally provided to unlock YouTube insights. Mindful.ly uses the permission to understand which YouTube content you consumed and link the content to emotion data for insights. Accessibility services are not used for other purposes.

Your permissions can be simply revoked any time if you change your mind.

We love hearing from users and getting their feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions how to improve the app, please feel free to reach out to us at mindfully-feedbacks@realeyesit.com.

Download mindful.ly and improve your digital wellbeing. Increase focus. Decrease anxiety. Smile more!
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