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Fun Beat Game, Tap BPM & Timer

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Metronome Pro - Beat & Tempo description

The metronome app you have been waiting for whether you are a musician or not. Benefit from a full professional beat & tempo timer and enjoy funny rhythm games.

As a musician, you know the importance of the tempo. That's why Metronome Pro has been created, so you don’t lose the pace and play with a perfect precision! Always keep the tempo and rhythm, wherever you are.

This metronome has been made by professional musicians: its extremely accurate system will perfectly help you to get the right tempo, whatever the instrument you use. Metronome Pro works great for daily practice, live performances with your band or if you do records in a studio.

Intuitive to use with a beautiful interface, it offers many ways to personalize your experience. The possibilities are almost infinite: The BPM beats per minute can be set on a wheel, from 30 to 250 beats. It can also be set manually with the Tap BPM feature. Finally, Time Signature and Subdvisions can also be changed to fit your specific needs.

Want to customize your metronome song? No problem, you can choose from a wide selection of time-keeping songs. There is something for every band and for every kind of instruments. And if you prefer to have a visible cue of the beat, you can use the flash of your phone as a marker!

Do you like games ? Let’s enjoy amazing games to test your tempo accuracy. It will be perfect to help you fine tuned your ear for music, track your performance day over day and and have fun times.

Metronome is not just an application, it’s a real tool, practical for beginners and professionals alike. Don’t wait anymore and come test it!


** Digital Metronome **
Tempo range from 30 to 250 bpm beats per minute
Time signature and Subdivisions set-up
TAP BPM to manually set your tempo
Background mode

** Games **
- Funny rhythm games
- Scoring system to improve your skills and track your performance
- Lot of levels to practice (premium version to get them all)

** Tempo animations **
Clearly visualize each beat with beautiful animations
Downbeat clearly visible with a different color
Camera flashlight can be activated to see the beats

** Sounds **
More than 15 metronome songs for all styles
Can be used for any instruments: piano, drums, guitar etc...

Have any question or suggestion regarding the app? Our support team is ready to help at [email protected].

All you have to do now is to test this app, which will become your main tool for playing music!
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