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Maze Runner
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Maze Runner 7.0 apk, update on 2021-02-25
Fun, engaging and addictive this one of a kind maze runner builds patience and skill! To progress through the game you will need to plan, react and wait for the right opportunities. How long can you survive?

◼ Move through 20 unique mazes.
◼ Flee waves of monsters including tornadoes, demons and snakes.
◼ Collect all treasure to reach the next level.
◼ Tap an arrow to move your cube left, right, up or down. Tap the same button again to stop or a different arrow to change direction.
◼ Start with 10 lives. When you run out the game resets to level one.
◼ Press the "?" button for an in-game guide.
◼ Pause the game and resume at a time of your choice.
◼ Repeat any level you have just completed or start again from the beginning anytime.

Good luck and enjoy!

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