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the Mahjong Saga and experience the classic tile-matching game like never before

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26 ratings

MAHJONG SAGA description

Mahjong Saga is a classic tile-matching game that challenges you to clear the board by pairing up all the tiles.


1. At the beginning of each level, you'll see a board filled with tiles arranged in a specific pattern.
2. Your goal is to find pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board until all tiles are gone.
3. To select a tile, simply tap on it. If it's a valid move, the tile will highlight and you can select its matching pair.
4. You can only select tiles that are not blocked by other tiles and have at least one open side.
5. If you're stuck and can't find any valid moves, you can use the "Hint" feature to get a clue or shuffle the tiles using the "Shuffle" feature.
6. The game is won when all the tiles are cleared from the board.

Game Features:

- Over 1000 levels of increasing difficulty
- Unique tile sets with various themes
- Daily challenges and special events
- Use hints or shuffle tiles when you get stuck
- Earn stars and coins to unlock new levels and features
- Play offline or online to compete with other players around the world

Enjoy the classic fun of Mahjong Saga on Google Store!
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