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Relationship app for couples with question cards, date ideas, & romantic advice

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72 ratings

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Want to feel seen, appreciated, and adventurous in your relationship? Lovewick’s free relationship app for couples curates the internet’s largest library of open-ended questions for couples, unique date ideas, & research-based romantic advice. Lovewick acts as a question game, date planner, relationship tracker, mini couples journal, and couples’ calendar all in one. Use on one phone or share a paired app experience where the couples questions game, photo memories, and couple calendar syncs across both your devices.

New relationship questions and date ideas are added every week!


■ Couples Question Game with Therapist-endorsed Relationship Card Decks

- Our Discovery Cards feature has 1,000+ open-ended questions for couples
- Draw from 6 categories of card deck questions: interests, values, family, money, and intimacy, or explore collections of couples questions based on milestones (ex: meeting families, moving in together, getting married, or even opening up your relationship)
- As you play the couples questions game, unlock relationship advice and date ideas, and save date night ideas you like to your Relationship Goals, an integrated date planner

■ Date Planner with Unique & Romantic Ideas For Couples

- Our Relationship Goals feature helps you collaboratively plan unique date night ideas, romantic gestures, future trips, thoughtful gifts, and so much more! You can even hide certain ideas as surprises
- Already have restaurants, movies, trips, or recipes you want to try together in mind? Collect those fleeting ideas as Goals in the date planner / couples calendar so they actually happen!
- Not sure where to start, or feeling low on creativity? Explore 500+ date ideas and romantic gestures from other couples in the Lovewick community on our Explore tab, and filter by constraints like time, cost, or having a distance relationship

■ Our Take on a Relationship Reminders App: Forget-me-nots

Our “Forget-me-nots” feature empowers you to be thoughtful more easily with notes, relationship reminders, and a shared couple calendar of important dates. Why not make both your lives easier by writing down important dates like anniversaries and family birthdays and preferences like coffee orders, favorite flowers, and clothing sizes, all in one place?

■ Central Place for Couples Memories: Couples Photo Album & Relationship Tracker

- Celebrate your journey as a couple through a shared couples photo album neatly arranged into a memory timeline that grows as you check-off Relationship Goals or share important experiences outside the app (double dates, road trips, graduations or promotions, etc.)
- As you share new conversations and experiences, reflect on your relationship with our mini relationship tracker journal, the Pulse Journal

■ Perfect For Any Stage Of A Relationship

At different stages or phases of a relationship, you likely have different priorities! Lovewick’s free couple app grows with you.

* New relationship? Get to know each other with intention, exploring topics and activities that wouldn’t necessarily come up otherwise
*Long distance relationship? Spice up your video calls with our long-distance couple questions and long distance date ideas
* Engaged or thinking about engagement? Feel ready and build habits to support a successful marriage with our marriage card game collection
* Building your own family? “Babyproof” your relationship with our “starting a family” collection and use Lovewick to find date ideas that fit into your busy lives

So, are you ready for a relationship app that you’ll actually enjoy!?

Go beyond one-size-fits-all relationship advice with Lovewick’s curated, research-based, and fun experiences that help couples like you reflect, play, and grow in their relationships. We’re a small, dedicated team, and we’d love to hear any feedback or ideas to improve! DM on socials or email [email protected] Thank you!
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