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Lickety Split Lite 3.0.8 apk, update on 2018-03-15
Tired of nagging your kids to get ready? Asking them 10 times to put away their toys?

The Lickety Split Musical Timer turns daily tasks into a fun, beat-the-clock game. Accelerating classical music encourages dawdling kids to get going, while an animated hourglass counts down. The abstract concept of time becomes tangible for kids.

The timer uses encouragement and the power of music to motivate children as they move through daily transitions. So, instead of nagging, grown-ups are free to champion their kids!

Developed by parents and educational technologists. Perfect for preschoolers, early elementary schoolers, and their grown-ups.

The lite version includes 4 classical music songs for common children's tasks. The full version includes 9 common tasks, as well as 4 custom time settings and the ability to use your own music.

Lickety Split Lite APK reviews

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JMarie Gaius review JMarie Gaius
Crash since lollipop ?. update :'( Heeeeeeelp!
Crash since lollipop ?. update :'( Heeeeeeelp!
Sonya Eucalyptus review Sonya Eucalyptus
Good concept
Uses music & animation, there are timers for brushing, sharing, time to leave, reading, & more. The problem is if you want to adjust the time, customize, or change the music you must buy the app. This free app. can become a 5.00 very easily.
Brandy J review Brandy J
Great app to help motivate
This is a great app to help motivate people of all ages. Wish one could customize the times/actions more, but love it anyway.
Sabina Lo review Sabina Lo
Great motivator for kids
Simple app but it works. Fun music and animation gets my daughter changed without me nagging now. Thanks
Sharalee Klein review Sharalee Klein
Won"t even open
I'd love to try, but it won't even open.
David Smith review David Smith
This app is awsome and it really lets me go faster in my time. ...
Shelly Clark review Shelly Clark
Used to work before Kit Kat update
Application won't open / start anymore. Please fix to work with Kit Kat.
Jessica Abegglen review Jessica Abegglen
Love it for my preschool classroom
Benjamin Shadwick review Benjamin Shadwick
Not working with kitkat. Closes on start.
T Jakab review T Jakab
Times can`t be set
Would be perfect if times would be customizable.
toshitaka yamada review toshitaka yamada
A Google User review A Google User
This application is a fun and easy way to get my kids to do their chores. They are always ready to do it. I am very proud of them. When I tell them to do their chores they don't put up a fight. When they are brushing their teeth they love the musical song they play while using the count down button. When its time to clean their room they always go straight to it and sometimes finish before time is up. They are always ready to do their chores with the lickedy split application. I'm proud of them
A Google User review A Google User
Fab idea!
This game is a wonderful clever and fun way to encourage cleanliness in children. It's also super cute!!
A Google User review A Google User
It works!
Wish I could have more options, but my kids love it!
A Google User review A Google User
Weak. Options cannot be changed. Times cannot be changed. The annoying music cannot be changed.