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Lemuria Bay 1.5.7 apk, update on 2018-09-24
Welcome to Lemuria Bay !
Explore tropical islands to collect cute monsters on and fight with them on match-3 battles!
Discover new races in the magical portal and evolve your creatures to become stronger.
When some little mugwais land on an unknown island after an hazardous journey, they meet some strange creatures that used to inhabit these ancient lands. They soon discover that they must coexist and collaborate to live happily.
Will you undertake the perilous task to track down and capture these legendary creatures?

* Build a menagerie of mystical creatures
* Harness the power of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light and Darkness
* Reveal your monsters’ fighting skills through a breathtaking puzzle combat
* Discover a captivating universe with many islands to unlock
* Create new habitats, plant crops, and watch your captured creatures thrive
* Achieve hundreds of quests and climb the mystic tower to try to beat the Legendary Creatures

New creatures and habitats, quests, decoration items, islands and new features will be added very soon – we’ll keep improving the app every month

Install now Lemuria Bay and have fun !
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Lemuria Bay APK reviews

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Vincent L review Vincent L
Only issue is that the game freezes on the load-back screen after adventuring, by this I mean the attempt to go BACK to camp. The island music plays continuously, but the island won't reload. I habe to close out the app every time... Otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying the game so far.
F Houston review F Houston
Keeps crashing when I try to return to the island. Makes exploring redundant as progress doesn't save during this time. Will rate higher if fixed
Enrique Loza review Enrique Loza
Crashes Everytime I return to the island and the second island doesn't have the farm it promised it would have.
Need more wayz for food
Tyson Tyler review Tyson Tyler
Love this, find it fast going and fun.
Jerold Johnston review Jerold Johnston
Can't even open the game biggest garbage out there. Tried several times to uninstall and reinstall and still nothing. Another crappy developer
Kate Finch review Kate Finch
Couldn't even load it, kept saying connection issue. Tried both on Wi-Fi and off, same thing.
Lauren Dunn review Lauren Dunn
Couldn't get it to work. Repeatedly says connection issues when on or off WiFi
Chanel Ogden review Chanel Ogden
Enjoying it so far...controls and game play a bit difficult on a small cell screen but good graphics and impressive overall performance.
Jason Davis review Jason Davis
Good time killer. Fairly hard to create new creatures and increase power
Tazzy Roo review Tazzy Roo
One of the best games i have ever played fun and lots to do, i like that it is 2 games in one, thanks for hours of fun
VisserOne review VisserOne
how do you change name from Anonymous Mugwai?
Autum Ressemann review Autum Ressemann
I watched a total of 3 videos two of which I was told after watching weren't available so I didn't get anything from them... so what was the point in me watching them? And how did I manage to watch them if they weren't available?
Kayla Brady review Kayla Brady
Loved playing this game on my Samsung Galaxy S6. When I moved all my apps and info over to the Samsung Galaxy S7, the app recognized I have a level 17 haracter, but it says Connection Erro whenever I try to load it up. I really miss playing. ?
Ethan Allchurch-Rush review Ethan Allchurch-Rush
Cute game but the extras are a bit expensive for the quality and the videos for revive and gems and everything don't work . They just say there not working after you watch the videos