League of Angels -Fire Raiders APK

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League of Angels -Fire Raiders apk, update on 2016-11-28
Join the action in one of the ultimate RPG adventure games and fight alongside your heroes and favorite Angel in the battle against the Devil Army. United Through Fire, your League of Angels will do whatever it takes to bring you victory!

Don’t miss this FREE rpg action sensation! Learn magic spells and prove your worth by fighting other brave warriors in intricate war games. Invade the impregnable citadel of the horrific Devil Prince and become true legends!

-Countless Heroes to recruit.
-Train your favorite Angel and let it guide you along the way.
-Battle horrifying monsters of evil and become the one true leader!

-Enhance weapons equip your heroes with the finest gear of any action games.
-Empower your army to slash any enemy down with thrilling fighting games.
-Train, customize and level-up your avatar in true fantasy mmorpg fashion .

-Learn new magic spells to bolster your defenses.
-Build an unstoppable League of Angel with the power to save the world.
-Find out which heroes work best together and face evil together in battle.

- Assert your dominance in local and cross-server arena wars.
- Join powerful Guilds. Partake in countless multiplayer games!

Experience a revolution in role playing games! Download now and try one of the most ultimate rpg games free! Play today & chat with millions of people around the world. Will you find your match?

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MrSpiderman360 Gaming review MrSpiderman360 Gaming
Free to play but pay to win.
Its way to hard to lvl up in this game. And you need to PAY to get VIP for those special things. You do realize not everyone can afford those things. Cause when I look at event there's always something about recharging to get these rewards. Just make a shop were you can get any soulstone and a trial like the Angel trial and change how much exp you get from each level. Still like the thoe.?
Amber Milby review Amber Milby
I freakin LOVE this game!!! So addicting!!! I love that I've been able 2 play it & actually level up & do all the stuff I wanna do without ever having 2 actually purchase anything with real money. I hate pay-2-play games that say u can play 4 free, but it's impossible 2 progress without buying stuff. This game is not like that at all, it's one of the few rare games that I've downloaded & not uninstalled after a few weeks, I've been playing this one for over 2 years, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!
Eric Bell review Eric Bell
Login timeout?
I have been addicted to this game and for the last 3 days I've been having issues with the log-in. It tells me "log-in time out, try again later... I get upset and throw tantrums when I can't play lol. Other than that this game is amazing. Resolve the log-in issue and I will rate 5 stars.
Charlene Jennings review Charlene Jennings
Space heavy- needs to go to sd card
I really like the game, but it needs to go to my SD card and the developers haven't enabled that.... this game is 600mb. Which is kind of nuts with space at a premium! Enable sd card use!!
Dardacooldas Das review Dardacooldas Das
New update
After the new update all my game progress is lost i was on pretty hard level...have e mailed the developers but no response its been more than an tear i have been playing this game..would not like to leave but if no solution is found would have to leave.
anderass immanuel review anderass immanuel
Cant even update
I cant even update for a first time, my network is fine i can use ig but cant update this game
Daena Switzer review Daena Switzer
Awesome game
This game is quite fun and has really awesome perks. For some reason though, the last four days I have been unable to play. It keeps giving me a login time out message and it really sucks! Please fix this so I can play this again!
Dougie Cramond review Dougie Cramond
It's as addictive as wow
Spend hours and hours gaining exp and collecting loot in this great boredom quenching game, recommend spending some real money on this game early on for many benefits. It is a money grab, completely appalling customer service game but overall great to play and loose part of your life too. Almost like having a virtual wife without all the nagging.
David Kwan review David Kwan
1yr review: Great game but terrible company
Hey guys, I've been playing this game for a year (>365 logins) This game was amazing when I started but recent updates has had made it impossible for nonvip to compete. I am vip11 and ran rank 1 guild and lost many guildmates due to the stupid updates that widen the gap. Servers are also dead because new players go to the new servers leaving population to slowly die out. New heroes upon release costs several hundreds of dollars worth of diamonds. Honestly I recommend staying away from this game.
Katie Schueler review Katie Schueler
Update has too many issues... Can't access guild or outlet. Force closes every time.
Ernie Ostrom review Ernie Ostrom
still lovethis game but...
i get no server error.. any tips?
Mark Relf review Mark Relf
Update fustration
Love the app but dissappointed with the continued patch update problem. Three different networks tried and still wont up date. Today 23 sept 16. no longer can login as no enter game button...fed up with the issues...dont have the time or patience....games a grind fest anyway
Sergio Crespo review Sergio Crespo
Con la informacion De la pagina del juego De Facebook por fin he podido entrar.gracias.
tall scorpio review tall scorpio
Don't download! you will lose all your money
all of a sudden you will get connection errors that never occurred before. spent hundreds of dollars. if they let you on it will only be for a day then "failed to log in"
Jorge Ramirez review Jorge Ramirez
Don't waste your time
Typical Free2Play - Pay2Win. It's practically impossible to complete anything in this game unless you pay lots of $$$$$. Plus it will take about 1GB of you device internal storage space. Avoid.