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Easy 1-Tap VPN

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Leaf VPN is the easiest unlimited free VPN app that just works.

It's a VPN app uses the VpnService, thus requires the VPN permission to establish a VPN tunnel to our VPN servers.

In addition to the free 1-tap-to-go free VPN service, we also provide premium service for users who have a subscription, we provide the most affordable pricing plans, make sure try one of them if the free service doesn't meet your needs:

1 Week Subscription at $0.49
1 Month Subscription at $0.99

Leaf VPN offers a 3 day trial for all users, try it out and enjoy! Once the trial ends, it will be converted to a paid subscription.

If you're unsatisfied with the paid subscription, feel free to cancel it in Google Play.

Leaf VPN supports Windows and macOS: https://www.kitslabs.com/leafvpn.downloads.html
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