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Powerful, fast, easy-to-use file manager with file vault and remote transfer.

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Laser File Explorer description

Laser File Explorer can help you manage your phone with search and file manager tools.

Key features:
File Search
Quickly search and locate files with just a few taps.
Don't waste a lot of time looking for past downloaded videos/music anymore.

Smart Library File Explorer
Categorize all files into Downloads from internet, Images, Videos, Music, Documents (pdf, xls, ppt etc) and APK.

Protect Your Private Files
Encrypted your personal file by passcode, protect your sensitive files from peepers.

Sharing Local and Remote Files
Transfer your files between cell phone and PC through FTP connections. by easy and convenient operation.

Root Explorer
For advanced users to explore, edit, copy, paste and delete files in the root partition of phone storage for development purposes. Explore root folders of the system like data, cache.
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