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All Your Groups in One Spot

GroupSpot description

Everyone knows email is messy, chat is noisy, social media is spyware, and single-purpose apps are overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At GroupSpot, we’ve built the ultimate group communications platform optimized for community, utility, and privacy. Groups have all the tools they need to succeed in a single app solution, whether it’s a small circle of friends or a town sports league. When it comes to group communications, you won’t find a platform with more flexibility and security than GroupSpot. Start building your supergroup today.

Here’s a few groups using GroupSpot today:

Share meaningful moments and big wins with the wider family. You now have a home for all those moments only your cousins would care about: curtain call at the grade school play, mom crossing the finish line in the local 5k, and dad’s epic fail on the trampoline. In between, GroupSpot ensures you’re on top of Family Birthdays, Graduations, and Anniversaries.

Community Groups
Be a hometown hero and bring your local community into the 21st century with GroupSpot. Replace the color-coded weekly email blasts and clunky web signups with a single platform solution. Watch as engagement skyrockets simply because it’s easier to access and participate. This includes HSAs/PTAs, Newcomers, Non-Profits, Rotary Clubs, and other Community Groups.

Book Clubs
Unlike other book club apps looking to sell you books or collect your data, GroupSpot’s only interest is your Book Club. We make your monthly meetings great by sharing important details like discussion topics, RSVP, and host messages. We’ve also created a home for your past books where you can access, rate, and review any book ever read by your Book Club.

We provide all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect with team apps like schedules, games, rosters, directions, and player availability. But GroupSpot is also great for casual groups like pickup soccer when all you care about is having enough players to field a game. Or teams that compete outside the playing field like academic teams and marching bands.

Faith Groups
Make your engagement with your House of Worship more than a once-a-week event by staying better connected through GroupSpot. Share inspirational scripture, preview the upcoming sermon, organize potluck dinners, plan the perfect retreat, support those in need, and more.

GroupSpot also has advanced features for the engineer in all of us:

• Mass Communications: Email, Pushes, In-App Alerts
• Personal and Group Chat
• Shared Photo Albums
• Signups, Polls, Forms, RSVPs, Links, Attachments
• Games, Schedules, Rosters, and Player Availability for Teams
• Meetings, Books, Discussions Topics, Ratings, and Reviews for Book Clubs
• Advanced Member Management
• Subgroups and Sister Group Management

And much more…

About GroupSpot
GroupSpot is working hard to become a leader in the group communications space. But behind those lofty ambitions, you’ll find real purpose. At its core, GroupSpot was designed with a single, guiding principle in mind, protecting your privacy. When you have a subscription model, there’s no incentive to mine someone’s personal data or keep them glued to their screen. We will never, ever, invade your privacy.

We’ve built a privacy-first, group communications platform because we believe there is a growing number of groups who share our passion. We believe in smarter communications, ones shaped by ethical tech and social responsibility. When it comes to group communications, there are plenty of choices, but none that rival GroupSpot in purpose and design.

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