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Kitchen Remodel
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Kitchen Remodel apk, update on 2020-11-18
If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen in addition to having the comfort factor in mind, you have to think about the functionality of the space; whether or not you have a large kitchen area, you have to design it taking into account your family's primary and daily activities.

Project - Whether you hire a professional or do the remodeling yourself, it is essential to know your kitchen well, so when designing a plant with all measures of space, remember to note all points of electricity, gas, and plumbing. Thus avoiding surprises, such as breaking a wall through pipes.

Work Area - Remember that a well-sized countertop is essential for those who regularly cook, especially if it is adjacent to the stove and sink. Lighting - We suggest that the work areas are well lit, that is, above the stove, benches, and pans, and may well be direct lighting and white light.

Cabinets - They are one of the elements, for those who are investing from scratch, where we spend more budget, so we advise you to choose a durable material and have a good guarantee from the supplier. When selecting cabinet types, take inventory of what you have or will need to store, storage is never too much, but we should be practical and think what kind of drawers will do us most. If you have little space, this is one of the main planning to do because here, literally, all cm count.

Colors - Currently all colors are allowed in the kitchen, risk in a balanced way. If you have a reduced space, it is best to keep up with the lighter colors that give the area more breadth without using many patterns. If you still want to use stronger or darker colors, we suggest applying them only to a free wall.

Decorating: It has been some time since the kitchen has gone from being just a space for services and confectionery meals, nowadays it has become the place where almost always all the guests gather every time there are parties or dinners at home. Invest in comfortable chairs or benches, personalized decorative elements and also in an excellent hanging lamp if you dine in the kitchen.

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