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Jewels Switch
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Jewels Switch 2.2 apk, update on 2018-01-05
The power of magic jewels is in your hands! Switch and match 3 or more jewels to walk through more than 250 levels in this completely new hit puzzle adventure.

Jewels Switch is an addictive and delicious adventure filled with colorful gem crunching effects and well designed puzzles for you to play in subway time! With candy style jewels to smash and eliminate in each level, Jewels Switch is twice the fun but familiar to play. So let's get started to crush the saga now!

Game Features:
- Arcade Mode: 250 challenging levels and more to come
- Time Mode: There is no time to waste which can help you lose fat
- Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface
- Sharp and animated visuals fit this saga to surfers life
- Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master

How to Play:
- Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to remove them
- Arcade Mode: Reach a specific goal to solve the puzzle saga
- Time Mode: Match as fast as you can to level up

Jewels Switch APK reviews

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Beverly Wong-Kleinjan review Beverly Wong-Kleinjan
I'm not a game player by nature but I was looking for a quick little time-waster for waiting rooms, etc...and this one has me hooked. It's a brilliantly designed, clever little game. Made it to level 5 and I am eagerly looking forward to level 7! (You do NOT have to buy diamonds to beat any of the levels. Just a bit of patience and stick-to-it-iveness.)
Valerie Ramos review Valerie Ramos
FAVORITE MATCH 3 GAME - Love the sound effects, graphics, no path to follow so it's a fast moving game. Like the way the lightening jewels and flame jewels and bomb jewels take out sections of the puzzle. The time jewels are handy for timed matches. Like how diamonds take out the color you pick and if it is a special jewel converts them to special as well.
Kate Kerr review Kate Kerr
@developers I LOVE this game! It's my break at work game, my unwind after work game and my "when I'm bored" game. My 1 request, if I may, please develop faster lol I've been playing this for 4 years and have un/reinstalled more times than I can count because I've completed it with 3/3 stars. Not saying it's easy, I just need it on those breaks! Would love some new levels ^-^
nishant shah review nishant shah
First, Try to add some more time within existing time limit or add minimum (not higher level) of odd jewel. Due to this the level is not cleared and gets struck in same level, which in turn makes the player frustrated​ to play the game and in turn may lose the interest and completely​ dislike it. Next, try to minimise the odd jewels in the game when moves is the limit, due to which there is less moves and the player has to keep on playing making a fool oh him/herself that the jewels will match and complete the game. Plz do the needful​ developer.
Guntur Sasongko review Guntur Sasongko
I really enjoyed playing this game, although timed level is very hard to pass, i always did it :) thanks for keep developing this game, i wish you could give something more tricky, like new power etc.
Wayne Nakano review Wayne Nakano
Addicting but who cares!
Keep trying...u never lose your status once earned and can always start each game over and over again w/o penalties! Only problem is if u get a new phone, u can't transfer the game. I was at level 6 and lost everything on my new phone :(
Victoria Villanueva review Victoria Villanueva
This game is so addicting! I just love it! It has ads but they only come up after you play a round of the game. No real interruptions!
Maryam Arif review Maryam Arif
I like it
I love this game. It certainly is the best. But once you reinstall it you have to play it all again and that's disappointing because my brother deleted my old game and I had already reached a higher level. I now have to play it all over again :'(
Erwin Pulumbarit review Erwin Pulumbarit
Best game i ever had very addicted...
Lots of difficult task specially the time game it's hard but i was able to pass it and it's really fun game. Keep it up. Thanks...
Joan Neill-Rutan review Joan Neill-Rutan
Look at all the 5 stars . So what if it has ad's, they all have too. The game is addicting and makes you think, plus holds your interest by changing format on 3 gems. Beats any dull GEM game out there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A WORLD 7, THERE'S LOTS OF US WAITING!!!!!!!!
Firdaus AB review Firdaus AB
Uninstalled, installed
This game makes me crazy.. after I completed all stages with 3 stars..I don't know what to do.. Then I uninstall the game, after a while I'm missed this game, installed it back..yeay... My wife cannot beat my all-stars stages!
Tom Barrister review Tom Barrister
License for paid version does not transfer
No ads license does not transfer to other devices or if game is uninstalled. That should be a separate in-app purchase that transfers to all Google account devices.
Chris Rioux review Chris Rioux
Jewels Saga
Great game = getting all the jewels in the right order to knock out what you need to.
justin chang review justin chang
Sam gal tab 2 7.0
Nice, simple, fun. :-):-):-):-):-)