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Companion application for Valentine One Radar Locator

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Now supporting V1 Gen2 volume control (requires f/w 4.1027+) and OBD-II speed input!

JBV1 is the ultimate companion application for Valentine One® and Valentine One Gen2® Radar Locators, and V1 drivers wanting unrivaled situational awareness and threat filtering. In your pocket, on your dashboard, or anywhere in between, a device running JBV1 adds the following capabilities for POWER users:

* Simultaneous display of frequency, signal strength, and direction for all located radar threats
* Voice announcements of box/band/frequency and direction of new radar threats, so you can keep your eyes on the road longer
* Alert hold times for easier identification of brief alerts
* Tracking of distance traveled or time elapsed since threat first located
* Real-time graphs of signal strength and orientation over time
* Alert snoozing to ignore a specific frequency regardless of location for up to one hour
* Background operation provides alerts in an overlay on top of any other application
* Alert logging with reports by day, time, and alert
* Display of logged alerts to Google Maps (requires Internet access)
* Profiles for V1 settings and custom sweeps/frequencies
* Automatic, speed-based V1 mode control
* GPS-based lockouts of known false alerts (including Laser), while alert is displayed or later from your living room or office
* GPS-based profile overrides can change V1 settings automatically when you travel into or out of geographic areas you define
* GPS-based marking of red light cameras, speed cameras, and anything else (Note: JBV1 includes a database of red light camera and speed camera locations for the USA and Canada only)
* Mark warnings show type of mark, distance to mark, and precise bearing to mark
* Fine-tuning of lockouts for optimal location, radius, and frequency tolerance/drift
* Silent Ride automatic muting based on speed and, optionally, speed limits
* Auto dark mode keeps V1 display turned off when no active alerts are present
* Displays GPS-based digital speedometer and compass
* Optional weather radar images on alert screen background
* Displays critical V1 settings so you won't forget which bands are enabled or disabled
* Configurable frequency boxes with In-The-Box and Out-of-The-Box muting options
* Automatic time- and GPS-based lockouts
* Automatic application start on detection of V1 Gen2, V1connection, or V1connection LE
* Multi-window compatible
* Backup/restore to/from Google Drive of database, settings, profiles, and sweeps
* Optional command and control of TMG a-15 Laser Defense Systems, with alert logging
* Optional speed input from OBD-II interface (OBDLink LX/MX+ recommended)

JBV1 requires an ESP-enabled V1 (Bluetooth dongle required) or V1 Gen2 (Bluetooth built-in) Radar Locator.

For V1s prior to V1 Gen2, JBV1 also requires one of the following Bluetooth adapters in order to talk to your V1:

* V1connection
* V1connection LE (recommended)

Both of these Bluetooth adapters are available from Valentine Research Inc.


* MODIFY PHONE STATE is used only to enable your device's speakerphone in some "force speaker" use cases.

* READ PHONE STATE is used only to detect when your device is in a phone call, for improved suppression of alert audio while in a call. No information about a call is ever read, saved, or transmitted.

* RECORD AUDIO is used only for optional voice control.

JBV1 includes an optional Accessibility Service that is used to provide the following optional automation:

* Splitting your screen after app startup or with voice control (Android 7+)
* Locking your screen during app shutdown (Android 9+)
* Taking a screenshot with voice control (Android 9+)

This Accessibility Service is not required and is disabled by default.

Valentine One, V1, and V1 Gen2 are registered trademarks of Valentine Research Inc.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
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