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Improve your service. Innovate faster. Build smarter machines.

IXON Portal description

IXON Portal is the new mobile app for IXON Cloud, allowing for easy and secure access to your machines, equipment and installations all over the world via any mobile device.

• Secure VPN connections via the app to your machines
• Direct access to your HMI, IP camera or robot in the IXON Portal app via VNC or HTTPS
• Access to all your machines, equipment and installations at any time
• Insight into machine status on the go with intuitive data widgets in dashboards optimised for mobile
• Push notifications with real-time updates about important machine warnings, alarms or events
• Extensive user and access rights management with the ability to enforce two-factor authentication

• Documentation at https://support.ixon.cloud
• Ask the community at https://answers.ixon.cloud

IXON Cloud. The next generation IIoT platform for all remote machine service and maintenance management.
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