IV Rater (for Pokémon GO) APK

IV Rater (for Pokémon GO)
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IV Rater (for Pokémon GO) 1.2 apk, update on 2017-02-22
Without quitting Pokémon GO!, only 10sec to find out the IV rater of Pokémon and still enjoying catching Pokémon GO!

open the app, and a Poké ball will appear at the left hand corner. You can catch a Pokémon and check IV rate immediately without quitting app.
Set the CP/HP/BR, result will be seen immediately.
No data capture from your phone.

IV Rater (for Pokémon GO) APK reviews

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Jason Copeland review Jason Copeland
Works great
I don't have to hit "accept" to make it calculate lol. And defining the arch perfectly is something that no one else does. Don't bother comparing to silph road, you can screw up too easily on that site because it's not an overlay. Gostats and pokeadvisor both say this is correct and without the risk of being banned.
Mikie Welch review Mikie Welch
Accurate and fast, would be five stars if it had a lock setting and transparency setting. I've had trouble seeing what hp my pokemon have with the overlay on, and I've accidently shifted the overlay arc quite a few times.
Ramon Gravador review Ramon Gravador
Best and most accurate IV Calculator
It deserves a higher rating. Customizable CP arc is easy to set and can be used either while playing or using a screenshot of your Pokemon. CP calculator based from Stardust like other IV apps is not that accurate to determine the exact level of a pokemon so this app is your best tool. Ratings are same with Silphroad's version.
Angel A. Nuñez H. review Angel A. Nuñez H.
This look awesome but the results are worst AF! I tried two others app/pages and them show me the same numbers; but this just messed up result, so try POKEGO MASTER it really work ???
Hansen Liu review Hansen Liu
Much better than other IV apps I have used
I love how this app has a floating little icon that I can open up an covers part of the screen to become a IV calculator. Makes calculating IV much easier. I also really love how the app even has all the possible moves and DPS for each pokemon after the update. It really helps me to find the best pokemon not only in terms of IVs, but also in terms of skill set.
Jiin Koh review Jiin Koh
it deserves a better rating
Been better than most if not All of IV apps out there. the graph need to improve though. I depend heavily on this to judge which pokemon to retain, or not.
Christopher Ng review Christopher Ng
I love it, thank you
Geoff Baysinger review Geoff Baysinger
Best I've found
Working great on Marshmallow on my Nexus 5. I was worried about it not giving the wide range of possibilities that most IV calculators give, then realized the level arc is flat out smart and removes most of that guess work.
James Bartlett review James Bartlett
Once you have lined up the over lay with your screen it works a treat! Fastest and easiest way of calculating accurate IVS. Love this app!
Adi Zarfaty review Adi Zarfaty
No way to turn off button, screen adjust max limits are too small(why limit whe numbers), inaccurate angle.
Christian Cárdenas review Christian Cárdenas
A little problem
When I used the app in Moto G, the icon dissapear...
kyneth samson review kyneth samson
what the **** always disapear the button
always disapear when i top the pokemon home botton.
Tyler McCourtney review Tyler McCourtney
Fantastic App
Once the initial adjustment of the arch is set, the IV rater is so quick and easy to find by filling in the attributes. The only thing I think they should add is the calculation of stardust cost to max out the pokemon. So once you fill out all the info, that would auto calculate. This could be an easy addition.
michael Rodriguez review michael Rodriguez
Great job
This app is one of the best I've ever used you guys keep up the good work and thank you for the update
Andrew Williams review Andrew Williams
Abra glitch
For some reason the more HP my abra has the lower the IV% it shows