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iTrack Hockey - tracks your team statistics / record tournament game sheets

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29 ratings

iTrackHockey: Stats/Timekeeper description

iTrackHockey is used for:
1. Track your players' shots, assists, goals, points, face offs, and penalties.
2. Use iTrackHockey by timekeepers to record Tournament game results.

Game Statistics:
iTrackHockey was designed in collaboration with hockey players and coaches for the purpose of improving everyone’s ability to keep track and learn from a variety of events during a game.

Hockey coaches typically use an arsenal of tools to deliver success. These important tools include the ability to track and learn from players’ performance as well as to review and analyze historical information against opponents.

iTrackHockey collects all of the required information simply by recording easy screen ‘taps’ on your phones or tablets during a hockey game. By simplifying the data collection process and delivering visual and statistical results, iTrackHockey can enhance anyone’s ability to easily access game scores information and player statistics.
- Track player’s shot location, quantity of shots on-net and missed shots
- Track goals, assists, points, +/- ratings, and more
- View a replay of shot history for every periods (by both your team and your opponents)
- View team and individual player stats on shots, missed shots, goals, assists, and face-offs
- Review previous games against opponents before your next game
- Upload data and automatically receive a shareable game report sheet

One of the best hockey data apps that you can find on the Play Store!
Download now for free and enter a new perspective of analysis and tracking of hockey data!

New users can record a free game and an unlimited amount of Test Games. Registration and In-App purchases allow a user to record additional games.

Tournament Timekeepers can use iTrackHockey to record game events, which automatically create game sheets and update tournament results, standings, and player statistics.
Contact us for more information about managing Tournaments using iTrackHockey.
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