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Islamic Moral Stories 3.1.0 apk, update on 2016-01-11
Islamic Moral Stories is a collection of moral and historical Islamic stories from authentic sources, which are equally beneficial for Muslims and non-Muslims.
This collection is compiled for men, women and children of any age and any community. Stories are compiled to keep you motivated to be a good human and practicing Muslim. These stories could help your children to know about our ancestors and Islamic history.

If you are converted Muslim or want to know about Islam these sorties are the right collection for you to understand how a good Muslim should spent his life.
This app has schedule more than 1000 stories, so keep refreshing for new scheduled stories or wait for our push message to read schedule story.

App stories are schedule for next 3 years and we are working and scheduling more.

This option let you find story of your interest. Its quite easy select search menu option and type your word to search matching stories.

Now you can bookmark your favorite stories to read later when you want to. In bookmark you can delete entries by long press on any story in bookmark list.

Sharing stories is the most important and key feature of this app. This will let you share what you are reading with your friends and motivate them to read if there is something special you found in any story.

You can like and share your views with other app friends if you found any story interesting and knowledgeable. This will motivate other readers to read, own and spread your wisdom.

Push notification will keep you update with schedule stories and could be reminder for you to read new stories.This feature will help you to keep your app up to date.

What Reader Say:
Thanks i really enjoyed reading. I was looking to a good stories to tell my son and i got your stories. I really enjoyed them.
Tabu - November 4, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0.2
Very nice stories.easy to read out to the kids.very interesting for elders also.I love reading them any time..
Khadiza - July 7, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Ace with version 1.0.2
Stories are inspirational. Love reading them in my free time!! Amazing app.

Nizar - October 21, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Ace with version 1.0.2
This app is really good to know more on how to be a good muslim....its a must download for everyone
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