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InstaFollow for Instagram 2.2.5 apk, update on 2016-01-11
Discover who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back, track gained and lost followers, find mutual friends, view fans plus more ...

Use InstaFollow app to effectively manage your Instagram account and get so much insight. It's fast, accurate and extremely intuitive.

Free Features:
- Detect and keep track of new followers + unfollowers
- Show non-followers, mutual friends and fans
- Follow/unfollow users
- View user profiles
- Support accounts up to 10,000 users

Premium (Optional Purchase)
- Detect and Keep Track of Blockers
- Support Multiple Accounts
- Remove Ads

Engagement (Optional Purchase):
- Ghost Followers
- Secret Admirers
- Best Followers
- Top Supporters, Likers and Commenters

User Insight (Optional Purchase):
- Sort Users Based on Activity Level, Popularity and Likability

Media Insight (Optional Purchase):
- Show Most and Least Popular/Liked/Commented Pictures and Videos

So next time you asked yourself 'Who unfollowed me on Instagram?' or 'Who are my ghosts?', just use InstaFollow. It will answer those question plus more. You'll like it instantly.

If you get featured on InstFollow, you can gain more followers very quickly.

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Note: You need an Instagram account to use this app!

This app is not affiliated with Instagram.

InstaFollow for Instagram APK reviews

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Ja'lina Ghani review Ja'lina Ghani
You have to pay for the best features
Sometimes it crashes unexpectedly. But overall it's pretty good it tells me who is and isn't following me. It's one of the best I've used
Dheyaa Alani review Dheyaa Alani
Mr dia
Don't waste your time and download it any thing you ask . It ask you to upgrade and pay money
Sarah Fasha review Sarah Fasha
Constantly freezes
Can someone please recommend me a better app. It worked great initially but now it freezes when I try to scroll thru a list. My ig is @sarahfasha if you know of a better one. This has too many glitches. If it worked properly it would be awesome.
Nicole Woodbridge review Nicole Woodbridge
Can't log in
App tells me my password or account is not right yet I know I'm typing everything in correctly
kate fenriz review kate fenriz
It's pretty good
Only annoying thing is that there's a limit on stuff and that you have to pay for certain stuff and I'm still waiting on my new credit card. Other than that it works well for what I need it to :)
Londone James review Londone James
Everyday when I go on my account I literally notice I'm loosing followers and I pacifacly tell people on my bio If u unfollow I do the same. Then if ur gonna unfollow me then what's the point in following me. I bet the people that follow u then umfollow u ate fakes probably not even real people like for a couple of mins I hv a lot of followers then couple mins later I don't. Like WOW I want a refund of followers.?
Angelika Mhunick Ligsa review Angelika Mhunick Ligsa
Cant sign in. I have no instagram account but my instagram connected to my facebook. And i dont know how to connect log in to my facebook. Can you fix it now. I'll give you 5 stars. If you fix
John Flores review John Flores
once logged in
u can't leave it says when u press back all the way out or try it say net::ERR_CACHE_MISS I just closed every app in setting I still like thus app just that problem... because either won't let u see the insurance login screen aging bc ur already logged it.
Kyler Macias review Kyler Macias
GREAT!! IT WORKS!! Only one question tho. The fans thing how does it count fans? I would like to know. But I mean all in all great app!
Mike Grabow review Mike Grabow
Security Flaw
The features on this app are great, but I accidentally left the app with my account signed in opened on a "friend's" phone. Even after changing the password, he was able to still stay logged in and unfollow all my following. Major security flaw...
Clarissa Marie review Clarissa Marie
I upgraded the app a while ago & now it wont let me use any of the features i purchased! It keeps saying i have to upgrade even though i already have!! & they haven't even replied to my emails!-.-
Samantha turner review Samantha turner
I put my password and username in and it doesn't work. Login to instagram with the same username and password just fine, this is the second app that's doing that!
Melissa Salmon review Melissa Salmon
It needs to be improved
I used to really like this app because it used to be so accurate but I've lost more than 20 followers in two days and it shows nothing on the app. For those who were to ask me about the app I would shoo them away from it because of the terrible inaccuracy. Oh and also sometimes the app would tell me so and so unfollowed me and the moment I unfollowed them and I would go on to their Insta page it would show them following me.
Crystal Eagleson review Crystal Eagleson
Some glitches
This is a good app but lately it isn't detecting lost followers. Please fix this issue and I will gladly give it 5 stars. Other than that it's a good app
janette breanne review janette breanne
didn't think it'd be so easy to keep track of unfollowers! lovin this app.