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Ice Age Village 3.5.5a apk, update on 2016-12-02
Embark on a fun and frozen journey through the Ice Age universe! In his hunt for his favourite acorn, across the frozen lands, Scrat has accidently cracked the Earth's crust! Help build a new home for cute animals like raccoons, sharks, monkeys, dinosaurs and many more animals, too! Don't forget about Sid, Manny & Diego -- plus that nutty little animal, Scrat, of course!

***** ""Ice Age Village is a little bit city-building, a little bit zoo management, and a whole lot of fun"" (

√ Enjoy the unique world of Ice Age, inspired by your favourite family-fun Ice Age films and featuring Sid, Manny, Diego & Scrat!

√ Build a new home across vast frozen plains for the entire Ice Age family and discover over 200 cute new animals!

√ Explore Dino World with lovable dinosaurs to bring home!

√ Play mini-games like Kung Fu Scrat & Sid's Egg Rescue!

√ Participate in fun events in your bustling Village!

√ Visit your friends' Villages and see who can build the best village!

Join these Sub-Zero Heroes in their noble quest to reunite the Herd and every animal and dinosaur family today!


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Ice Age Village APK reviews

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Hope Freeman review Hope Freeman
I like this game. I just don't like when I'm having problems loading the game and I go to the gameloft website to get help it says the support page does not exist. I emailed them instead. They sent me back to the support section of the website that does not exist. I'm about to delete the game.
Dianne Fears review Dianne Fears
Update sucks
Only one star till its fixed. Who ever thought they had a great idea needs to be given a job clearing gum off the bottom of the lunch tables because they don't have any gaming skills that they can brag about
sudhakaran v review sudhakaran v
Unexpected error
My scrat coin count is displaying more than one where as when i played scrat game / sid egg, my acorns counts were reducing by 5. Not sure it's game error or my mobile behavior
lucia mihaela review lucia mihaela
Its a 5 min game every hour or more
U dont have what to do exept colecting coins and expansion its way to much after 5 milion coins... borring..
Elvira Lucero review Elvira Lucero
How do I get my village to play? When I open app, it stays black, then goes to home screen... im having the issues on my tablet, im downloading on my phone. Please help, if I get village back, will I lose coins & acorns? I try to keep up, I haven't been able to get on for 4-5 days now
Dorthea Kavanaugh review Dorthea Kavanaugh
Ice Age Village is fantastic until you get to high levels like 84. Not sure if extra event features require more memory than my Samson phone can efficiently handle or whether slightly more adds but fun factor greatly declines with each crash (game stops running).
Daphne Delrey review Daphne Delrey
Love It!
Still loving the game. Adding more friends daily. I do have one issue that is bugging me, I haven't had a daily challenge yet. My daughter plays and she's always talking about her challenges and what she received for prizes. I don't have the icon at the top for it
Diane Marta review Diane Marta
Collection of prizes go away before you can use then you can stop giving the prize but keep what we earned till we spend then
Had a lot of crayons for things now there gone before i could spend them and i work hard to get them and spent a lot of real money to earn the crayons for the gifts they disappear as soon as its over what points you have should stay till you spend them different time zone make it hard to spend them when over. Now have no interest in playing the game this happen in the pumpkin deals too spent to much real money and lost it all 0 star till they fix that problem
rt t review rt t
Give 1 star because you can not rate any lower. Gameloft is just GREEDY! I have in store purchases and I still get advertisements in game. Customer care, DON'T CARE! Used to be a fun game, not anymore. They should refund everyone's money and delete the game! CRAP SERVICES AND ADVERTISEMENT AND LACK OF CARING OF THEIR GAME. RESULTS IN A VERY BAD RATING.
Annette Carpenter review Annette Carpenter
Bullshit pop ups
Love this game .have had to download 3 times.lost all nut and everything.can't play because of bullshit pop ups.
Animate Randomz review Animate Randomz
Not bad to pass the time
I love the ice age series and I know these type of game subconsciously demand you spend real money for acorns specify when you are to lazy to wait for something but it's still fun to spend all you acorns in one go regardless xD
Judith Schield review Judith Schield
I've played for months and had built a nice village and nothing but gray seen so like many others I uninstalled then reinstalled it and lost whole game, even though it should have been saved in cloud. Got me once but never again. This has been an issue for months according to reviews, please be professional and fix it! Remember it is your reputation, or don't you care?
Marina Valere review Marina Valere
Its a great game but...... it keeps sticking alot? i'm on level 23 nw n it constantly sticks.... i've already updated it n it jus sticks? having thoughts is it jus my Tablet or do i jus need to uninstall? PLZZZZZZ FIXXX!! I love this game??? I will gladly giv it all five stars n recommend it to everyone ik once the sticking stops!
Football schooling group cridge review Football schooling group cridge
The graphics are amazing bet every now and again I can't be able to get into my village. I'm level 122.And also I would like to invite other people into the game like Jacks vill or Jake in general it is an incredible game ,can you make more. Like include ice age collision course or something like that
Winter McBride review Winter McBride
This app would be 5 ⭐ but i have downloaded it 3 times once every couple years since 2014 i get to level 25 and the app wont start or open and i end up having to delete it cuz i cant play it. Other wise it is fun entertaining i get on 4-5 times throughout the day i let my son help build my vilage