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HomeControl+ 6.01.009 apk, update on 2020-12-01
The HomeControl+ app brings you flexibility and peace of mind from your award winning Pyronix security system with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

HomeControl+ allows you to:
• Arm and disarm your security system
• View the system status
• Control up to 30 devices including:
• Opening and closing your gates
• Turning your lights on and off
• Locking and unlocking your doors
• Turning your sprinklers on and off
• Notifications when your system is armed or disarmed
• Get your system to tell you who has armed the system
• And much more!

All of this functionality can be set up and controlled through the PyronixCloud, where you can enable and disable users of your security system. The easy-to-use setup wizard will guide you through the setup of Home Control+ and the PyronixCloud, to ensure that in no time at all you are reaping the benefits of being able to control your security system, at any time, from anywhere in the world, using a secure connection.

• Android 4.4 and above.

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Paul Hope review Paul Hope
Developer not answered email do I'll ask my question here. Apps good, no issues. However on iOS when alarm is activated an alert comes through that shouts "alarm activated" but on android, all I get is a normal notification sound. Why can't we have iOS type alerts so that we know alarm has sounded?
Shazard Ashraf review Shazard Ashraf
Decent app, shame you have to manually log in rather than using thumbprint to authentiate, would be nice if it was a little softer on the eyes perhaps? Also a credit status for us using sim cards so we know where we stand..
Laurence Tarr review Laurence Tarr
Awful . Push notifications are sporadic at best..not a system to rely on... sensors constantly go off when there is a temperature differential in house.. Find a better alarm system guys....
A Google user review A Google user
The app is fine but its not sending notification to Android phone. Works fine with Apple phone. Almost makes it pointless.
A Google user review A Google user
Mail icon not present on Moto G5 nor Nokia 3 using Android 7 so unable to receive notifications of alarm going off. Works okay on Google Pixel (8) and Nexus 5 (4)
A Google user review A Google user
Used to work, since last update doesn't work on s3 running 4.4.4, higher than recommended, all get when try to log in say wrong password, entered on an s8 with exactly same details no problem, fix?
Chris McMurray review Chris McMurray
Great app, suggested improvement would be to have a panic button /hold up button so the house alarm can will sound all sirens from the app in case of a break in or emergency, then app will be 5 stars.
Stuart Dobbin review Stuart Dobbin
Great app. I install these systems on a daily basis and they are spot on. This is why I chose the enforcer for my own home.
A Google user review A Google user
Worked for one day now won't even log in poor app
Richard Lockwood review Richard Lockwood
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Mike Morley review Mike Morley
Don't seem.to get audio notifications for alarm activations even though app set to override do not disturb. Recently noticed that you now only have past 12 hours at most of logfile. Needs to allow endusers to set notifications
Daniel McWilliams review Daniel McWilliams
Really slow to log in to set/unset and then you have to download the log which is only one day. Not anywhere near as good as the Risco freecontrol from app.
Andy Mewis review Andy Mewis
Update last week has broke the notification s coming through
Claire Mackay review Claire Mackay
No longer receive push notifications and have had no response to emails asking when this will be resolved.
Myra Thomson review Myra Thomson
App is not sending notifications since last week... Also the envelope icon to view these has disappeared! When the app works its good but without notifications, seems a bit pointless!!