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Holy Bible offline, dictionary,audio and notebook.

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80 ratings

Holy Bible - Audio+Offline description

Holy Bible with daily devotion for your Bible devotion, daily reading, daily verses, bible quiz and bible reading plans for Christian for free. God has preserved his words in the Bible.

-Our Bible App is a Fast, light, offline bible for your daily study. To customize your Bible App experience, It allows you to quickly locate Holy Bible verses with a simple tap and create your own Holy Bible verse highlights, bookmarks, verse images, and notes. Explore the Holy Bible with your closest friends. Grow together and share what you discover from Holy Bible with each other!
Features that you can find in this Holy Bible:
✒️1. Daily Bible Verse with notification
These are power pack inspirational Bible verses that you can meditate on daily. You can easily share the verses on any social media.

🎵2.Audio Bible
Listen to the bible and free your hands in this Bible apllication.

📖3.Bible Quiz
Better access to Bible quizzes, refreshing your Bible Knowlege through easy game.

✒️4. Bookmark Holy Bible scriptures
Catch up where you left off with a simple bookmark.

🔎5. Quick Search
You can quick search for any book or term by using our fast and efficient search system.

🚩6.Reading Plan
You can choose the suitable Bible reading plan in this app for you to finish reading the full Bible.

💭7. Offline bible verse
Access offline bible verse the majority of the features without internet connection. you'll be able to read the verse by choosing the category.

💖8.Share Verse with ease
Share verses together with your friends and family via multiple platforms with ease.

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