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Search & find items on picture. Challenges your observation skills. Open maps

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Hidden Objects - The Journey description

🎲Calling All Keen-eyed Adventurers!🎲
If you’re a fanatic for finding obscured objects, come put your skills to the test in this fantastic hidden object puzzle game: Hidden Objects: The Journey. We’ve upped the game with unique themed levels containing a plethora of objects to search for - don’t miss out! Along the way enjoy the various modes and lots of great unlockable content that will always have you coming back for more.

🧩Fun Features:🧩
🔎Lively Levels: Each level has a distinct theme, such as the four seasons, camping, and more. Within each of them, we’ve hidden objects that look like they might belong there so that you have a proper challenge - no picking out the snowshoe at the beach here! We’re also always working to add more levels so that you never run out of fun.

🔎Infinite Objects: We’ve packed each level with a huge variety of objects for you to find! Carefully sort through each part of the level to find the various things on your list as you play detective. Thanks to the unique themes of each level, you won’t find yourself having to find the same objects over and over again each time - we’ve made sure to stash tons of exciting items in each level.

🔎Many Modes: Sometimes you just want to slow down and take your time searching through the hidden pictures for items, while others you may want to test your speed-finding skills under pressure. Here you can have it all - alternate between timed, regular, and free modes to get the best experience and have fun while also taking a break. And don’t forget to turn up your volume if you’re in need of some extra relaxation, and make use of the hints and bonuses buttons in those dire times of need!

🔎Covert Content: To keep things really exciting you’ll be able to access all sorts of extra unlockable content, ranging from daily puzzles to quizzes and more, on top of the regular levels. Completing levels will also earn you coins, which can then be used to access hidden levels and new scenes. The more you play, the more you’ll have access to.

📌Hidden Object Fanatics: Assemble!📌
So if you’re a fan of hidden object games and fancy an exciting challenge, download Hidden Objects: The Journey today to put your searching skills and brain to the test! Go over each unique themed level with a fine-tooth comb and check the found items off your list. Whether you’re aiming to relax or give your eyes a workout, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here.
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