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Change your habits, change your life! Simple, Easy, Minimalistic Habit Tracker

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220 ratings

HabitMinder • Habit Tracker description

HabitMinder will help you form healthy habits and keep you accountable with useful tools like mini apps and sessions screens - the ultimate habit tracker! For example, HabitMinder will remind you to do breathing exercises or a quick meditation session. It can also track your hydration, encourage you to exercise or go to the gym, and much more.

The app has more than 50 pre-defined positive and healthy habits to get you started. Reminders will promptly notify you it is time to complete & track your habit.

Why do you need a habit tracker like HabitMinder? Here are some sample healthy habits the app will help you form and keep:

🚶 Walking
The most natural movement and fantastic exercise. Try to hit 10,000 steps a day with the help of HabitMinder - you’ll notice a change.

💧 Hydration
Staying hydrated is one of the best habits for your overall health. After all, water makes up 75% of your muscles, 83% of your blood, and 90% of your brain, so you can’t go wrong. Good hydration promotes healthy skin, it makes your brain stronger, and it can help you lose weight. Make water tracking one of your daily routines too!

🧘 Breathing/Mindfulness
Relieve feelings of stress and tension through breathing and mindfulness exercises. This will improve your focus and your mood as well as having a positive impact on your physical health.

🏋️ Exercise
You need to exercise to stay fit, lose weight, and stay physically and mentally healthy. HabitMinder can't do the exercise for you but it will help you stay on schedule.

🙋 Stretching
Stretching is an essential part of being fit and healthy. It can also help you relax so should be part of your daily routine.

🧍 Stand
It will surprise you when you learn just how much of your day you spend sitting down. Your attention will improve, you will feel more energised, and you will improve your physical health by getting into one simple habit - standing up frequently and regularly.

🧎 Squats
Your partner will love this habit and so will you. Your muscles will become firmer and more toned, and you will feel stronger. Squats can even help you lose weight.

🍲 Eat healthily
Everyone knows the benefits of eating healthily. Getting into a regular and committed healthy eating habit is easier said than done, however. HabitMinder is the solution - it will help keep your healthy eating plans on track.

😴 Sleep more
Sleep is crucial for your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Even 30 minutes more per night will have a positive impact.

--- Premium Version Features ---
✓ Create and track unlimited habits
✓ Additional statistics to analyze your progress
✓ Weekly, monthly and yearly stats
✓ Ability to skip habits
✓ Add notes to your habits
✓ Google Sync across your devices
✓ Support further app development

--- Wear OS App ---
✓ track habits

Thank you for considering our habit tracker! If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach to our team from inside the app via the Contact Support page.

Website: https://habitminder.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/habitminder
Twitter: https://twitter.com/habitminder
Instagram: https://instagram.com/habitminder
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