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Dream and achieve with haatch., a goal & habit discipline tool.

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79 ratings

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Many individuals aspire to achieve their goals and maintain positive habits but often struggle to stay on track. Are you one of them? Do you set goals and aspire to maintain habits but find it challenging to see them through? Are distractions and a lack of focus derailing your progress?

You're not alone! Achieving your goals and habits requires unwavering focus, self-discipline, and consistent execution. However, life's distractions and responsibilities often get in the way. You need a tool that makes it easier for you to stay on track despite challenges. That's where haatch., your smart goal and habit tracker comes into play as your ultimate goal setting and habit tracking app. We've built haatch. from the ground up with the sole purpose of assisting anyone willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals and develop positive habits.

haatch.: Your Smart Goal and Habit Tracker

Whether you're striving for ambitious goals or aiming to build and sustain positive habits, haatch. is your go-to discipline and productivity app. Here's how haatch., your goal tracking app, and habit building companion, can empower you:

* Streamlined Ambitions Creation:
Remove the hassle of over-complicated and hard-to-use interfaces from other goal apps with our streamlined process of creating an ambition.

* Milestone Breakdown:
Trick your "this is hard" mental state by splitting difficult and overwhelming goals into easy manageable intermediate steps (milestones).

* Highly Customizable Habit Frequencies:
Set specific habit frequencies, whether daily, multiple times per day, on specific days of the month, or customized to your preferences.

* Support for all types of Goals:
Track various goal types, including numeric goals (e.g., raise 10k USD) and non-numeric goals like learning Spanish.

* Easily Visualize your Progress:
Be ahead of the game, by tracking your goals and habits with super easy-to-use tools that allow you to visualize your entire progress.

* Detailed Stats and Analytics:
Stay motivated with detailed statistics and predictions on your goals and habits.

* Unlimited Reminders:
Be reminded to always work towards your goals and habit streaks with unlimited reminders for each of your ambitions.

* Helpful Streak Visualizer:
Keep your habit streak alive with a clear progress view, even on unmotivated days.

* Quick Tracking:
We know you're busy, so we made it simple by offering a quick way to track your goals and habits directly from the Dashboard.

* Have a Friend by Your Side:
Have an awesome friend of your choice to be on your side and encourage you for each of your goals and habits, with the "Accountability to Peers" feature.

* Motivation Booster:
When things get tough and you feel like slowing down, review your "Motivational whys or Personal Notes just to get a fresh dose of self-motivation.

* Cute Illustrations:
Soften the weight of achieving a goal or keeping a hard habit with friendly and cute-looking illustrations.

Embracing positive habits and setting meaningful goals is a pathway to personal growth. Facing setbacks in goal pursuit happens very often. It can be discouraging but with the help of a specifically tailored tool, you increase your chances of achieving your ambitions. An easy-to-use tool right in your pocket, that's haatch.

Envision yourself three years from now! What aspirations do you hold for your life? How would you like your life to unfold? haatch. empowers you to set goals, establish positive habits, and turn your dreams into reality, enabling you to create the best version of yourself and your life.

haatch. is a product of a small indie team of developers that believes in the transformative power of creating long-lasting habits and achieving big life goals.

Feel free to reach us anytime at [email protected] with any comments, feedback, feature requests, bug reports or just to say hi!

Privacy Policy: https://haatch.app/privacy-policy

Terms & Conditions: https://haatch.app/terms-condtions
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