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About this product

Run and collect grimace monster, build grimace shake crew. Merge and battle 3D.

Grimase Run: Merge Master description

"Are you prepared to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Grima Run: Merge Master? Step into a whimsical realm where a delightful grimace monster takes center stage.

In this captivating game, you'll explore a world brimming with amazing 3D running grimace shake. Your objective is run fast to gather these peculiar cutie monsters, become a master of grimace evolution, and merge them to create the ultimate monster to fight with the big fat monster. Prepare to engage in epic battles and emerge victorious in this thrilling merge grimace simulator.

- Swipe to controll the grimace run and gather your grimace shake crew in this running game
- Be master at grimace evolution
- Merge the same frimace to get stronger ones and fight battles
- Unlock high-level grimace to beat all the enemies

- Ultimate fun merge and running game simulation with addictive levels
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Hilarious characters with grimace shake theme
- Cool background music and funny sound effects

Prepare to journey into the hilarious and captivating world of Grimase Run: Merge Master. Become a merge master of grimace shake and download the game now to embark on this extraordinary adventure!"
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