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About this product

Green Super Hero: Frog Kick / Frog Fighter Game is a great delight for everyone!

Green Super Hero description

Green Super Hero: Frog Kick / Frog Fighter Game is presented to you by Hussain Barakat.
Green Super Hero is an amazing 3rd person action simulation game. Where you can simulate super Green Frog Hero to enjoying driving cars, Piloting aircraft and helicopter and airplane, your legendary frog super hero is legend in crime city and whole city fear you. Become captain of city in anti-criminality in town.
If you are looking for a frog ninja hero game or rope frog fighter game that is fun and exciting at the same time, then the Green Super Hero: Frog Kick / Frog Fighter Game can be a perfect choice for you. This is an ideal game for fun ninja games fans who enjoy kick and punch games with free world roaming adventure gameplay. Take part in a city battle where you are on the good side and save the island city from the bad guys who wants nothing but to do evil.
It's a free world roaming game where you get to roam around a great city island and look for missions where you can kick and punch the enemies and drive cool cars and fly choppers and planes. If you are searching for island adventure games or survival island games where you get to roam around a well-built world and enjoy fun city battle with a spider frog ninja hero, then this frog fighter game might be a perfect choice for you.
The Green Super Hero: Frog Kick / Frog Fighter Game is one of those adventure battle fighting games that comes with a delightful and exciting gameplay that is fun and challenging at the same time. Enjoy unlimited roaming in an amazingly designed island city and be ready for counter criminal adventure in the island. Stop criminals to robe, kill, shoot, smash and fight in city. Stop then to steeling auto cars, street racing and shoot down that gangsters and save city from theft. Show your green super hero frog skills and show your guts to everyone by stopping crime and chasing the criminals. Try all your tools and skills like super cars, heavy bikes, and ninja combat skills, punch boxing, smash enemies and become the super green hero in the island.

The green frog fighter ninja hero is capable of throwing great boxing punches and amazing taekwondo-like kicks to smash the enemies and also can use cool weapons such as electric shocks and ropes to climb buildings and tops.
Your green frog hero skills are amazingly powerful; use them to bring down enemies in action simulation adventure game.

Explore full 3D city find out crimes and stop them. Enjoy driving cars and piloting aircrafts!
Being a high-quality 3D adventure action game didn't stop this frog ninja hero game to be lightweight and fast for about any android device. It won't take up much space and also won't slow down your device much. If you are looking for toad games full of action and adventure that don't take up much space, then this frog kick or frog fighter game might be a good choice for you.

🐸 Amazing 3rd open world game
🐸 Awesome superhero with flexible body and powerful legs
🐸 Realistic car drifting
🐸 Nice bike stunts
🐸 Fly helicopter and airplane
🐸 Green Super hero stunt and action in city
🐸 Fighting enemies

The Green Super Hero: Frog Kick / Frog Fighter Game is a complete fun package for froggy games full of action and adventure. We hope you enjoy this battle fighting adventure survival game to the fullest. Happy Gaming!
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