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About this product

GoodSAM connects those with specific skill sets to those in need.

GoodSAM Responder description

The GoodSAM Responder App is a professional deployment system used by Emergency Services around the world.

GoodSAM provides a range of solutions connecting those with specific skill sets to those in need, for example:

- GoodSAM Cardiac - This system is used by ambulance services to alert those trained in resuscitation (e.g. off duty paramedics, nurses, doctors, police and fire staff) to those nearby who are likely to be in cardiac arrest. This system has saved many lives around the world.
- GoodSAM Volunteer Response - GoodSAM is a platform used by organisations such as the Royal Voluntary Service and British Red Cross.
- GoodSAM Pro - This is a professional dispatch system for community first responders and the emergency services.

The App utilises the latest in location technology and has many advanced features including a built in “radio” (Buzz) function so you can communicate with surrounding colleagues.

The GoodSAM platform has saved hundreds of lives and helped many thousands of people around the world. If you can help your community, please download the App and register under your parent organisation (or get your parent organisation on board if they are not on!).

Visit www.goodsamapp.org for more information

Please download the App and join our global community.
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