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About this product

The app every Golden Tee PGA Tour player has to have.

Golden Tee PGA Tour Caddy description

Two of golf’s most iconic brands have come together. Golden Tee Golf and the PGA TOUR have teamed up to create the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition - the latest generation of the popular arcade platform that has entertained more than 20 million players over the past three decades.

Real PGA TOUR courses. Magnificent 4K graphics. Exciting new tech on a cabinet that has been completely reimagined. And now, a companion app that will allow players quick and easy check-in, a plethora of customizable options and plenty more.

If you love Golden Tee, the GT PGA TOUR Caddy is a must. It'll help you find a cabinet, track your stats, get you in and out of games and so much more.

Even the best golfers in the world need a companion. The GT PGA TOUR Caddy is the ultimate app to maximize your trackball experience. No matter where you play, how you play, when you play or how often you play, this is a must have. Download the GT PGA TOUR Caddy and maximize your Golden Tee experience.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR Caddy Features:

• Digital Player Card: Log in to Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition cabinets using the GT Caddy! Download your Digital Player Card, and you’ll be able to sign in on cabinets using the NFC reader. Do it once, and you're set for life on that device!

• GT Club Pass Access: New to the GT PGA TOUR Caddy, monitor your progress in the all-new GT Club Pass! See how far away you are from leveling up and unlocking new clothing or gear!

• GT PGA TOUR ProShop: Create your dream golf bag from scratch with Build-A-Bag, design your ultimate golf ball with Build-A-Ball, acquire unique custom putters through Caddy-exclusive putters and more! The ultimate place to customize your look and playing style.

• In-Depth Stat and Contest Tracking: Want to see how many games you’ve played this month? What about this year? Or perhaps you’re interested in some all-time numbers, averages and bests. Or maybe you want to see how you finished in yesterday’s Daily Contest or special Event? Track all of your Golden Tee play and history here.

• Find A Game: Whether you’re on the road or simply looking for a Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition game in your area or looking to find the latest and greatest in your hometown, Find A Game is here to help. And it will also provide directions to locations using the GPS on your mobile device!

• YouTube™ Golden Tee Great Shot Access: See your latest and greatest Golden Tee Great Shot uploads, all in one place. Your buddy doesn’t believe you aced Hole 17 on TPC Sawgrass? Show him in seconds!

• GT Notifications: We will send you all your latest Golden Tee PGA TOUR happenings. Turn on notifications to find out when your contests closed, when your Golden Tee Great Shot was uploaded to YouTube™ and other major announcements involving Golden Tee.

• News: New courses, new contests, tips, videos, announcements and all the fun of Goldentee.com can be found in the GT PGA TOUR Caddy. Find out what is going on with the game you love.

The caddy remains a completely free app that connects you right to your favorite game, even when you’re not physically there! Golden Tee items available for purchase through the app are for use on physical Golden Tee PGA TOUR cabinets connected to ITNet only. There is no gameplay or item use within the app itself. Items are available through the app as a convenience, so you no longer have to be “that guy” wasting valuable play time to get what you need.
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